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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr.bubbles, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. ok i got fired from work failed the drug test and i had to move back into my parents house :eek: ok my mom is so against marijuana its not trying to find out if weed is really over coming my life... i mean im trying if i shouldjust wait until i get my life str8 then smoke mass weed again..or just stop cold turkey...i mean its a hard decission and i would like to talk to some one thats knows thier shit.. please post you 2 cents..i need some serious help....

    see i dont let marijuana over come my life to me its a want like water.. i feel alot more better when marijuana is in my life..i dont let it over come to where when i have to watch my niece i go get high instead nawww not me weed is probley 1-10 in inportance probley 3 but there is no telling my mom that...she thinks its addicting and blahh blahh blahh..please help..

    bubbles :(
  2. I think if it's used within reason your fine. I mean look- it does have proven health benifits. However if your excessively smoking then yea cut back
  3. How dunno how much your smoking now, but I think a reasonable cut back is 1/3 of whatever you are smoking now. So, if you smoke daily, cut it back to 2-3 times a week. If your smoking every weekend, try every other weekend, if its 3 times a day, every other day. Just add some space in there. And think of it this, if you really want too..

    Get your life straight, get your cash straight, get yourself where you need to be. Once you are there you can decide. I have a straight life. Do I now want weed? Do I want weed in my straight life. The answer might very well be yes, and if it is, you have everything in order. You have some money, you've had a LONG tolerance break. Everything will be great, and that first bowl back, will be a sweet reminder of how far you've come. Or you could decide, no. No more weed. And everything would still be great because you have reached a good point on stability.

    Flaws with the above idea? Lapses. Saying: "I'm not smoking, but it's my friends birthday, and everyone is smoking...". If you can keep that straight, you can keep everything in order.

    My 20/1000 of a dollar.
  4. cold turkey man, not something i'd normally say but you just moved back in with your mom you don't want her to throw your ass out. if she won't either way, that's your fucking mom and in the time where she's doing you a huge favor by letting you move back in, don't piss her off, once in a while sure fine, but you should just stop for now till you get back out
  5. Obviously it's interfering with your life if you can't even get a job because of your drug habit. Quit for a while until you can pass a DT and get a steady job. For me, I have been clean for over a month because I need to pass this drug rehab class the court gave me or else it will interfere with college next year. You just gotta set up your priorities and once everything is going smooth again, blaze it up!
  6. yeah today is the last day i smoke...because i have court in a month and might go to jail... :( but the only reason im smokin is because a buddy asked me to help him buy a ima smoke a fat fat fat last joint with him OUTSIDE... hehe
  7. its usually not the weed itself which fucks ppl over, just the law and the consequences of getting caught. u should probs cut down though if ur mum is against it, at least until u get another job and move out again.. just for her benefit..

    good luck

  8. Yeah dude I know what you mean. I remember when I made it my last day of smoking I bought a quad and smoked it all up in one day. It was surprisingly easy to stay away from it after the first few days of being irritable.
  9. yeah i didnt smoke today...i got a detox drink so no more smokey smokey
  10. man, it sucks to hear about this, good luck with all of it

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