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need some help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kUshl0rd, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. what should i do about this plant it doesnt look that bad but i dont want it to get worse. its growing in my small attic


    its looking a little droopy and the first sprout leaf is yellow (bottom right of pic) what should i be doing to fix this in the long run. i dont have a light timer and sometimes forgot to turn it off or on, do you guys think that is causing it or what. thanks.
  2. Kinda hard to tell....the bottom yellow leaf may be just a natural maturing of the plant...make sure its has moisture and that the temp isn't over 75 degrees. Flourescent lights probably best at this stage..(at least that is what I use on the newbys....plant & aquarium F40 GE)
  3. looks a little over watered. remember dont water until the soil is dry and then drench it.

    You should just leave the light on all the time if you're not going to get a timer, you'll get a hermie with inconsistent lighting i have heard.
  4. ok yeah i think i was over watering cause i would water when really wet and put alot in so ill let it dry out. whats a hermie?
  5. hermaphrodite
  6. See how the tips of the fan leafs are curling in.that's a sigh of It being to cold up there at night or in general

    Also i dont think your plant is over watered maybe a lil nutrient burned are you using a soil with nutrients already in it?

    and remember dont water your plants until the soil about 1-2 inches down is dry
  7. ^ ok thanks i wont water so often. im using organic soil and maybe it is getting to cold idk im not really sure what i can do about it cause it has to stay up there

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