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Discussion in 'General' started by Nizza_waaarg, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. hey guys. I got a bit of a problem with weed right now. It's happened before and it is really pissing me off. I just smoked like an hour ago and I felt like shit (still coming down). I didn't really feel stoned or anything, jsut normal. Then I started getting really anxious or somtin and I felt real paranoid. I then felt like a brick was put inside my guts and was pulling them out through my skin and dropping themright through the center of the earth. My head was feelin pretty messed up too. And my sineses were wack. mega blushing in my cheeks and all over my nose and I got really nose runny and shit. Neway, this has happened b4 (i barely took five puffs of my J). It seems this shit happens more than I get a good high (like my last post). I really need some help if anyone nows anything about it.
  2. Ok I think you are allergic to pot, be careful because it could turn bad without much warning.
    Try a bong but just take a puff or two and sit on it for a while, A friend of mine is allergic but if he smokes through a bong he's okay, or if you blow him hits.
  3. Im not sure whether or not id be allergic to pot becuase I have had some awsome highs with friends and by myself and smoked quite alot. You might have a point though. I havn't tried a real bong before, ive tried the coke bottle and shit like that before with aluminium and shit and I hear that is pretty messed up. I'll go out and buy a bong when I get my pay. Thanks for the advice. Ne1 else got some?
  4. I used to smoke blunts in the car with my buddies, and there were a few times it felt like I was sinking or being pulled through the floor of the car, but when I relaxed it didn't freak me out.

    Can't say I've ever had the problem you describe...

    But black and milds any less than half an hour before I smoked used to almost give me the spins and make me feel shitty.
  5. anyone get pimples?cuz i think i mite be getting something....its just a few starting around a month adn a half after starting to smoke aroudn 3 times a week

    sorry no advice for you tho....maybe its laced? or shwag?or your taking medication for something and its interfering?
  6. haha i dont think buds giving you acne man, just coincidence :p

    and for the other guy, allergy sounds reasonable, but doesnt mean you should avoid pot altogether. keep "self medicating" and im sure if it is an allergic reaction, it will go down.
  7. thanks all. I think its mostly in my head but it is really intense. I really chilled this moring and toked and it was really good. I went for a trip up to the sky with the clouds. I still felt a bit shaky and wierd but when I got to school I just completeley ignored any bad stuff. I'll just try smokin more until I get into it more. Thanks again.
  8. i've felt all the above (i cut off the parts of your qute that i didn't feel)... i think it has a lot to do with tolerance. after maybe a week of smoking everyday i wouldn't get as high as the first days and that can get addictive if you let it (i did). i wouldn't be as high. i would get high but not for as long as it should be (highs lastedan hour tops after tolerance developed). i also got very paranoid as you said. i'd be so afraid of gettin caught. the most important thing to do is to be in a chill environment, away from pigs, family, and people that don't smoke or that would rat you out. wait a couple of days or weeks if you have to in order to lower the toleranced.

    right now i'm on a break from herbs. been going 2 weeks and 2 days. so 16 days i guess. not bad for me. you can do it too man... that is if it has to do with tolerance cuz it sounds familiar.
  9. YAY!:) I think I'm cured (or somthin). Thanks to everybody 4 the help. I'm just chillin at home right now and eating toast and Kiss of the Dragon is about to start with Jet Li. Im gonna go dry for about a week like stoned_soldier said. I think all the bad stuff was just up in my head and I gotta just get used to controllin it and not smoking newhere where I shouldn't. Thanks again.

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