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    Alright I checked my soils PH today 9/12 where 6.1-6.5
    But a few where 4.7 to 5.4
    And you could tell something was amiss with these plants

    So I got some Dolomite lime.

    Now my question is one pot is a gallon and the others are 2 gallon

    How much do I add?

    Also, Im confused on feeding I got some plant food and its NPK is good and all that but I added 20 drops to a OZ of water.As the bottle said.Im confused on do I only feed them that water now?I keep watering them with clean water and spray there bases and leafs with the plant food water.

    They are about 6 weeks old

    Im I doing it wrong?Im scared as hell to over fert them and kill them.

    Please some advice would be nice this is my first grow and these are my babies
  2. make up a nute solution by directions and only feed evey other water atleast thats how i did it with soil i hope this helped

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