Need some help with Coco grow!

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  1. After doing some research about growing mediums I have decided to give Coco a try. I am growing in 3 gallon parts using fox farms Coco loco and I have added perlite (rinsed first)

    Everything has been growing great
    I am growing northern lights xtrm from Amsterdam seeds. I vegged using t5 grow light than just switched to led and adjust nutients to transition. The next morning I noticed all new tops are very light green n almost yellow. I am not sure what could be the cause of this. LED light? pH? Nutrients? This is also my first time using led and Coco. My pH of runoff is 6.4 which is fine but according to my pH probe things it says 8 so Im not sure what the deal is

    1501371013236.jpg 1501371019117.jpg 1501371023059.jpg 1501371026014.jpg

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  2. Coco don't hold calmag properly you could start with a calmag nutrient I.e. advanced nutrients ab grow/Bloom coco Coir or an additive calmag only

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  3. looks like that could be lack of light man. you seem to have the rootzone in looks like lower useless growth that hasn't seen light since you had to raise it not to burn the top...I'd lollipop that chick now.


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  4. So instead of using the advanced nutes grow,micro,bloom, calimag I should use the 2 bottle?

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  5. Literally the next morning after switching from t5 to led they were yellowing

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  6. Gmb can be used in soooo many ways Lucas or the NEW Lucas formula etc etc. I would use AN Coco Coir Grow Bloom but to help now I would get an individual bottle of calmag that way you can help replace it. Then move onto Bloom and your additives.
    I use AN A/B for Grow and Bloom base nutes. In grow I use a root stim but I'm normally using either Rootbastic or House and Gardens root stim.
    Then for the first 2 weeks of bloom I use AN Bid Blood Liquid this helps bring on budding and yes it works. This is along side my bloom base nutes and root stim then I'm using topbooster all the way through and super PK these are from Aptus. (Cla follow guides).
    Now Topbooster is a boost and super PK IS what it says but you use all they way through.

    You could use a taste enhancer which is either Bud Candy by AN or just buy a liquid sugar from a store like Holland and Barrett BUT it has to be unsulphured.

    If you need advice about my nutrient regime DM me

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