need some help with asking around for weed

Discussion in 'General' started by galvingirl, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. okay im going to florida at the end of this month, and i wanna get some weed while im there, but i dont know anyone, and my friend is telling me i should just walk up to ppl that seem like they would have it and ask them...but i dunno about this, it just kind of seems weird and it isnt me, im kind of shy with ppl i dont know, so how should i go about getting some while im there, any ideas? thanx a bunch!
  2. I'd try walking around with someone (if you know anybody) then when you see somebody that might, walk by them like "man, sure wish I could find some bud, I'd buy from ANYBODY right now".....

    thats me though, i hate talking to ppl i don't know
  3. that would be a good idea if i was with friends, but the thing is taht im going up wiht my cheerleading team, and everyone on it that i know of so far is like way against drugs adn think ppl who smoke weed are dumb and actually the person i am closest with on my team said that she hates ppl taht smoke and just wouldnt talk to them if she found out they did, but other than being with my cheerleading team, im ganna be with my mom, i know il have alone time to walk the beaches and stuff, but im not going to be with anyone, so anymore advice, but htanx for ur advice anyways, that jsut wont work for me
  4. if you dont know somebody youll have to meet somebody

    so if your just gonna flat out ask people id go up to anybody that looks like they would smoke.

    the stereotypical stuff toe sandals, tie dye, dreadlocks whatever
  5. damn man you gotta educate. Ignorant people gotta be told whats going on, or else theyre always gonna be ignorant. Tell them whats up on weed.

    Plus theyre fucking cheerleaders and if they smoked that would be rediculous. Greatest thing on earth would be having a fucking cheerleader girlfriend to smoke with, lol.
  6. Don't just ask people up front, since that'll catch them off guard, and they'll prolly say no even if they do. When you meet someone, talk with them first. Tell them you're from out of town and you don't know anyone. Then if you think they might be a stoner, bring it up that you're looking to score some. Sweeten the deal a little, offer to smoke them out. Take it step-by-step like that...

    And since you're a girl, approach guys. 'Nuff said ;)
  8. find a head shop
    when people come in watch whut they look at
    if its parafonailia or shit follow them out
    simple as that idk whut people find hard about this
  9. i just find it weird to go and wait and ask people, and im kind of shy if i dont know im going ot be wiht my cheerleading team most of the time, ill probbaly be abel to walk the beaches and stuff a couple of times, but its not like im going to have time to go around and search for a head shop, but ill keep that in for got ot to wish me luck!
  10. isnt there a girl on the team u dont like, stick some bud in her bag, goooood luck
  11. i was just watching cops last night, and they had this guy dressed up as a crackhead selling rock at a spring break location busting people like crazy.. Like people would walk up ask, he'd give them the baggie, and then 10 cops would run out from the shadows and grab them. They said they got like 20 some people in two hours of work.. thats insane!! stupid crackheads, i swear...
  12. haha i saw one where they had a bunch of black dudes sellin pot (narc bastards) and they busted like 30 people in the 5 minutes they showed it... it was hilarious

    like 3 of the people where like "hmm, I don't know, you look like a cop"
    to which the black guy would say

    "what the fuck are you talking about?! I'M A BLACK GANGSTA!" which was funny... then they busted them... not so funny :(
  13. k, it seems like im the only one who noticed that SHE'S AT A CHEERLEADING COMPETITION WITH THE REST OF HER SQUAD. where you located at, ill fly down tmrw and smoke you AND your team out ;)

  14. oh, and me and my friends watch cops all the time and we bet on what race the perp is gonna be. gotta take into consideration the state and city they are in and the crime when guessing the race. altho i think wesley snipes put it best when he said 'always bet on black' ;p

  15. ^ hahaha, I can just imagine some high school cheerleader walking around asking all these people "hi mister, wheredagreenat?"

    kinda off topic, our high school just sent some cheerleading stunt thinger off to nationals in myrtle beach, SC... supposdely they are going to win, and sadly that's a big deal.... anywho, is this the same event?

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