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    today i came home to my fan not working inside my grow box. i have 2 26watt cfls going 24/7 and when i opened the box it was very very hot and the plant had put its leaves straight up and curled towards the inside. is there any way to heal my plant or is it permantly damaged? sorry for bad picture quality.


  2. tough luck be honest if it was bagseed i would give it a few more days and if nothing changes dump it.. sorry :(
  3. DOH....

    Lesson hopefully learned...always have a backup.

    However - I bet she'll live. Nature's amazing. Just keep her in there and watered when needed, couple of weeks she'll be good as new.
  4. At least she wont have to live in all that tin foil!
  5. i decided to just germinate another seed and start over. i needed to renovate my box anyways (no tin foil) i think the tin foil may of helped produce all that heat. im going to line my box with white poster board and make a shroud for my new fan to directly pull heat out of the box. i have about half a week before the box is needed again so i should be good.

  6. the tin foil didnt let the heat out and cooked your plants

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