Need some help please. First time grower

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  1. AA3587E3-012C-4689-ABF1-4CEFE2571364.jpeg 5E0E2109-EB57-4F3E-B9DC-4DAA8BE3E59B.jpeg Hello to all, I am really new into growing and I'd need some help.

    I started growing my first cannabis 3 weeks ago. It is supposedly a blue dream auto flower (I say supposedly because someone gave it to me in a little plastic baggy). Started growing in my closet with some organic mg soil with a small 9w grow light. Germination was great and everything went smooth. Now it is my shed outside with a 1000w grow light with an exhaust fan and a recirculating fan. It has been about 10 days it's been in the shed. I'd say the first week I had no issues. However now my leaves are starting to frill upwards. I'd say it's since I did some lst on it maybe 2 days ago. The conditions in the shed are maybe not the best, it vary between 20c at night and 30c during the day and have no idea of the humidity in there. I have not gave it any fertilizer and I've been watering it with Brita filtered water since the beginning (it's always about 6.8ph)

    Anyway here is the picture of my plant. Should I be worried? What should I do? Thanks for any replies
  2. Is 30 degrees Celsius outside temperature or temperature where your plant is under the light? This looks like the beginning of heat stress
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  3. 30c inside the shed. Could maybe lowering the humidity help ? That is something I can control. I don’t have a spares ac unit to keep the shed a constant temp
  4. They look OK for now but if the leaves start looking like tacos then you have a heat problem. Good luck
  5. Thanks for the help
  6. Agree..... Heat stress/light intensity
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  7. In the afternoon I checked and it was passed 35c, 95f. I have now found some room in the closet where it's more like 25c, 77f so I put it in there. Will update shortly. Hopefully everything will get back to normal
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