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Need Some Help on Connections

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FeelGood, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Just moved to my new town and I was wondering how I can meet new tokers. We got a park where skaters hang out. Thats about it for busy places that arent stores or anything.
    I'm goth so I shouldn't have a problem with most the skaters or punks. But how do I go about asking. And don't say "just ask" think if you were actually going to ask in your town. Thanx a Bunch
  2. Yea people been tellin me the same thing...

    lol...doesn't get me anywhere tho, dammit.

    Hard to ask people when ya don't trust or know em' one bit.
  3. why dont you ask ppl their opinion on it..that will pretty much tell you
  4. Well it will be kinda suspicious and wierd if I just go up, sit down and start asking about weed. I'm a shy kid too. I wont just go and sit next to someone I don't know.
  5. To score some ganja, I'd drop the whole goth thing for a while. (Nothing personal.) People who are into the whole goth thing do not usually seem easily approachable. So I'd wear a t-shirt w/ a pot leaf or Steal Your Face or something and then go down to the park. Walk around for a while, and when you see some people who look like they smoke, gather your courage and just say, "Hey, sorry to bother you, but I'm new in town and I'm looking for some bud. Could any of you help me out?" Maybe they'll say fuck off (not likely), but that's pretty much the worst that could happen. If it doesn't work right away, don't give up!
  6. no nooo its easy, just be like, what are people around here like? and then be like at my school there were alot of drugs and stuff, are people around here like that and of course evrey school is like that and then be like ooh who? its not suspicious because ive done it before, and if the person has a really strong opinion and you dont want them to know you do it then just agree with them or dont argue, that way you will find out, and its not hard to find out anyways, after a couple of weeks you will probably just know
  7. Not That Easy. Have you ever gone up to a place where only "certain" people hang out and asked about shit? You never know what's going to happen(they kick your ass, ask wtf your doing,do nothing) You never know. I need some more techniques/strategeys on how to do this. (more ways to approach this. And time is of the essence. Fastest way possible would be appreciated.
  8. "certain" people?

    You got issues with these people, or are you gonna try and approach shady looking people?

    Shady lookin-people are usually a no-go for me.

    Fast food workers usually smoke.

    A lot of cooks and dishwashers in restaurants smoke.

    Hmm....I'm getting ideas...

  9. lol

  10. Something funny? You laughing because I'm goth? Because I was cast out of a "normal" society because of what I think and listen to, and how I dress. Don't go there. You will be sorry. And I probably won't have a problem with the other goths and punks because they don't hate people because of what they look like.
  11. I'm laughing because I think it's funny when people classify themselves.
  12. Wait until the bars close then stand outside and yell for some reefer : )

    I never had this issue. In my first week at school I had 4 people offer me bud, 2 'shrooms, and 1 acid. Haha

    Of course having long hair automatically makes me an assumed pothead.

  13. Feelgood, I love you man. Ey I'm goth too by the way, I love to drink people's blood n shit...Yea, sometimes we go out on the street corner, criticize society, and look really pissed off....SIKE.

    But seriously, you reall made me FEEL GOOD. "Something funny? You laughing because I'm goth? Because I was cast out of a "normal" society because of what I think and listen to, and how I dress." Lmao. That made my day, but man you really kick ass when you said "Don't go there." Yea man, tell em. Its your body, you do what you want...;)

  14. Wow. My first day and I have a fan. :) But I don't go to the extreme with drinking blood and preaching. I never preach. I hate preachers. But if you want to talk about religion I could whoop most anyone in a debate. I dress the black baggy clothes with chains hanging off and shit, but it doesn't affect my personality. Wish people would see that.

  15. Ey I was feeling gothic and wrote this poem:

    You see the chains
    But you don't know whats in our brains

    I would've continued, but I stopped feeling gothic and decided, that to be underground I had to switch to being punk because gothic is so mainstream.
  16. I think that its pretty pathetic that people change "who they are" or "what theyre classified" as based on main stream pop culture. And on the religion topic, try me. I think people that are "goth" do it for the attention and to be different because they could never assume the "normal" role in society. Im by no strectch of the imagination normal at all, Im an agnostic pot head uber liberal in a county pouring with money and conservatives. Im bisexual too, but that doesnt mean I dress in all black so people notice me.
  17. Wow. How the mighty have spoken. Almost flawless... I wonder what FeelGood has to say back to that. (I hope, by now, every1 realizes I was just playing around with all that gothic shit)

  18. lmao

    have you seen that southpark where stan(i think) becomes a goth, and when he's with all of his goth friends he see's butters crying over a lost girlfriend. he asks butters to come join them and butters says If something makes me feel so bad, that i care so much about something that i cry and feel so bad about, thats a good thing because it makes me feel alive. its part of life. "I'd rather be a crying pussy than some goth fag"
    not saying thats my exact opinion personally, but i just think its damn funny
    sp is awesome

  19. Yeah, I lvoe when people label themselves. Amusing in the best of ways.

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