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  1. I have to write a english term paper and I need ideas on what to write it on. Please keep in mind, I do NOT plan on writing about weed. I have already did a paper for this professor on it, so please don't give me any ideas pertaining to weed in anyway shape or form...

    I'm open for anything else. I have to be able to come up with a scientific questions about the matter...for example...

    Why is America in debt?

    This is a topic my friend is doing...

    Thanks for any help :smoke:
  2. the origins, history, and evolution of the paperclip
  3. I was thinking of something pertaining to cars, or something?
  4. Why obama is president
  5. Write about your favorite author and bout his life and his writings.
  6. This is an excellent one. It's because he's black. But nah man you could easily write a good paper on this one. Not being sarcastic at all.
  7. If you can't even think of a topic to write about by yourself, how in the hell do you plan on writing the actual paper?
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    The importance of the Tritone in music.


    How the hell did Hendrix OWN Dylan on every song he ever covered, of Dylan's?

    Inspiration rocks, Foop :p
  9. Write about the black death and its impacts on European society. You can be all "aw shit look at how much I know about history and economics by telling you how the massive wave of inheritance following the massive wave of death involved in the black death helped concentrate wealth, enriching everybody, and how the sudden demand for more laborers than happened to be alive helped create a seller's market for labor work and helped the peasantry negotiate better terms and raise their standards of living" and then be all "but is it really caused by yersinia pestis, a common parasite found in fleas on rats? Dr. IKnowLotsaShit at WTF University thinks it may have been something else!" Because nobody ever just accepts basic historical fact like the black death is caused by y. pestis.

    I wrote a paper on the b.d. for a medical anthropology class I took once. Fascinating shit.
  10. Did you just try to compare Hendrix with some kid who needs a crutch for his term paper?

    And I'm sorry but Bob Dylan sucks, anyone could vastly improve on the man's work (I can already feel the fan boy wrath coming from all sides)
  11. how about you write a paper about why people can't think for themselves these days?
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    Dylan does suck, he's better used as a crutch.


    Sometimes one just needs inspiration.

    It was not really a comparison, though, more of an attempt at an analogy. He doesn't need a damn clue on the subject to write the paper (before he decides to write it, on whatever; ) That's what his teachers want him to do, learn.
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    That's right, because when a teacher gives you a free write paper, the ability to dream up any idea in the world that interests you to write about, the first thing you should do is ask other people to decide on what interests you.....

    You're stretching it a little far by trying to claim "inspiration".. this is just someone too lazy to decide on anything interesting.

    To the OP, how about you sit your ass down for 5 minutes and brainstorm.

    Edit: by the way, an analogy is a comparison
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    I'm not claiming anything, I'm just guessing at the dudes situation, man :p You can't be too lazy to decide on something, all he would be is indecisive. I say YOU'RE stretching it to far :p

    Him hearing twenty ideas that suck as far as fitting something that interests HIM, as you mentioned, may kick his noodle in to boil.


    Edit; You're right, it is, but if I were directly comparing him to Hendrix, I'd have said "Like Hendrix..." ya know? I'unno what to actually call it, now :p

    Edit #2; I can't argue anymore cause I just spilled water everywhere on my fucking desk, and it's reaching my keyboard ^^
  15. Exactly! Thank you! I didnt realize asking for ideas was being lazy. I just can't come up with anything...
  16. write about the Harlem Renaissance.
    it is always an easy topic to write about, there's so much literature, art, and music that came out of that period.
    it should be easy as...something really easy?

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