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need some help everyone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedislife, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Well first off, id like to start by saying i have been smoking for quite some time in the chicagoland area. i have had quite a few connects over the years bringing some great bud in the area and it was good but nothing like the stuff i see people posting on this website. i mean did you guys see the pictures of the sensai star post that Fppunk put up?! dont know what else to do, i do my best to expand my weed guys and get out there and offer top dollar no questions asked and eveyrthing but never seem to get that weed i just am cracing. its killing me. its all i want. i am not able to grow myself or else i would just for personal. CHICAGO people im beggin you for some post and messages helpin me out. i know its out there. help a fellow toker out. im down to chill and smoke some good dro and do what i gotta do to get some better hook ups. this would be greatly appreciated.

    taki. :hello:
  2. Patience, I've been smoking for almost 10 years it took me 6 years before I was able to get headies all the time.

    When your looking for bud specifically request headies, say you wana check it out before you buy it see if its headies or dank.

    If I can find headies in a little shit town like zelie I grantee you can find them in Chicago :D

    Also keep in mind that alot of people from here get their stuff right from the grower fresh, good camera work and a couple quick seconds in a photo editor also make pickups look a little better, its not hard to make the trichomes stand out a little more than the naked eye could see when looking at it first hand.

    For example heres a pic of some shishkaberry, one edited one pre edit.

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