Need some help badly folks - 1st grow

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by die-Sel, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I am in the progress of my 1st grow and all has been well untill this past week.

    My leaves have slowly bene turning yellow. Some brown spots but mostly yellow. Have a look at the pics.

    My set up is:
    1 x 400W HPS (20 inches from Plant Tops)
    1 x Tower Fan set at 15mins per hour
    1 x mini fogger same time setting as the fan
    3 x 6.5Ltr Pots - Plants just moved from 10cm pots
    Plagron Bat-mix Soil
    No Feeding just water at pH 6.8 (run off is 6.5pH)

    any help would be great guys need it badly

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  2. It's time to start nutes IMO.

    Their asking for food. Most start nutes at 1/2 dose then ease up, but your call.

    gl alex
  3. the soil i am using is the Plagron Batmix and their site says not 2 feed for 6weeks.
  4. ?

    Your ph is good.

    Yot watering soil on a schedule? or by weight?

  5. they get watered every 1.5-2days while they were in the 10cm pots and now every 3days in the bigger pots
  6. You have to remember that the feeding schedules recommended by the soil company is designed for house plants that are growing slowly (if at all). It's NOT designed with the rapid growth that MJ plants require, so you're going to use up the nutes pretty fast.
  7. the leaves seem to have tears and/or holes in them now.

    its getting out of hand, cud they really be needing a feed?
  8. You overwatered.

    Soil is NOT watered on a schedule! You water soil as needed.

    I lift the pots and wand weight to know if need water. I water ONLY if plant needs water. Pot and constant wet are BAD mix. It is better to let a plant wilt; then water. Than to overwater.

    gl alex
  9. cheers mate, what i have also noticed is my pH meter is faulty as my mate was over tonight. Mine was saying 6.7 before watering but his said 6.3 so its to low plus the over watering hasnt helped

    picking up a new meter and some pH up and down and see what happens.
  10. Bad ph meter!

    gl alex
  11. just hoping i call pull my 1st grow off cause normally if something fails 1st time round i normally cant be arsed to try again :D:D
  12. ok so i nipped round to my hydro store and he seems to think they are under fed, picked up some feed but havnt used it yet, waiting till the soil is ready for its next watering
  13. Some shoppe employees work on commision, so beware.

    Other than that it sounds as though you've a viable plan.

  14. ok so i fed them and went to bed woke uo to find the very top leaves curled like a claw. So now i think they are over fed and have a Mg Def.

    what you think 420? would a pic help you out??
  15. too much N will make it claw. So will overwatering.

    Was the soil dry when you watered?
  16. deficent plants turn yellow, spot up, and get week.

    Over nuting causes extra growth. Bright green leaves, clawing, and tip burn. Tip burn is usually the 1st sign of over nute.

    If yours clawed in 12hrs? Too much something. Nutes or water. or both?

  17. i think ave got it, my humidity keeps dropping below 30% so i think its causing the plants to not breath as they shud. gonna have to sort out extraction as i only have the doors open and one fan blowing onto the plants

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