need some flushing info

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  1. just wondering how long u flush for
  2. Ive heard 5 to 7 days
  3. I do 2 weeks for kush, and 10 days for most hybrids, and my only sativa experience was a fail so I couldn't say.
  4. If you're running aeroponics, and use proper nutes, then there really isn't a need to flush. Might be a good idea to rinse your roots, if you flip the whole thing upside down, to cure, though. So you don't get nutes on your buds.
  5. I have been flushing my platinum og for 13 days, my pre 98s been flushing for 5 days, and I just started pushing my l a confidential 2 days ago. I am going to shoot for 2 weeks for all of them.
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    Blakey: there appear to be varying schools of thought on that. One is that you flush with pH adjusted water for a few days to a week between growth cycles and nutrient formula changes to wash out any residual nutrient salts, (which I've never done), and a 'final flush' before harvesting. Technaflora, (and I hope I'm not misquoting them), recommends a 'pre-harvest flush' formula and then harvesting. That's what I've been doing with their, "Recipe for Success," and it's worked well for me. I'd suggest you check with whoever's nutes you're using and see what they're recommending. Hank
  7. thanks guys
  8. Blakey: I'm sure I can speak for the others as well in saying you're welcome. The important thing is that as you learn new things from your growing experiences you share them with all of us. You can expect that if it's really something off the wall someone is going to take you to task and say you're full of shit but the important thing is that we can learn from each other. Hank
  9. Research has paid off, now my issue....Two different strains....One busting huge flower pods with receeding flowers, the other screaming with long white hairs and not ready in about three more weeks....I want to flush however both are in my home made ebb I flush then go back to full bloom cycle of nutes for the other strain or just harvest without flush and flush second plant in three weeks?

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