Need some feedback on my Shishkeberry!

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    I've been looking at other peoples grows and they seem to have a much larger leaf foil compared to what I have. I realised I stretched my plant at the beginning but I changed my ways so have a look and tell me how its looking.


    Its an Indica strain from bagseed and I'm taking my dealers word that its Shishkeberry so any feedback on why its not so super leafy.

    Been going since Sept 16th on a 24/0 and the temps have dropped from around 81/79 to 69-71.

    Just need the advice on how its looking and also is the container big enough overall? Going to be moving it to a home-made grow box soon so I'll update that once I've finished the room its going to be moved into.

    Also the base stem before the first leaves seems to be peeling itself off a clear wrapping so whats up with that?

    Shishkeberry is also known to have good cloning properties I know you should do it during veg state so when should I do that and to which set of leaves?
    I plan on veging for another week and a half then swapping it to 12/12 and nuting it but I need a clone so that I can keep growing.

    Thanks for any responses!
  2. Come on bro, those pics r redic. Way too large...

  3. Sorry would make them smaller but the D40 pictures won't upload to my regular image account...

    Just zoom out in the web browser. Takes like 3 seconds.
  4. In dire need of some solid feedback sorry about picture size but get over it and enjoy the HD.
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    Bump still very curious on why the plant seems to be splitting/shedding the bottom stem shell. Also the 2 huge fan leaves that spread out really far are incredibly irregular in their positioning no matter where I put the lights.
    Also plants growth has tuned down quite a bit for the last couple days. I'd say its because of the temp change but I really don't know. Any speculations?
    Red lines appearing along the top half the stem. Just 4 red lines in the grooves. Stress?

    Still need some feedback because I'm not expert in what its supposed to look like! Look at the questions in my original post and them please answer! +rep for you.

  6. pics too small

  7. Sarcasm?
  8. i have a plant growing that is the same as yours, stem pealing and red lines. i think its because its the oldest part of it and its maturing and eventually the whole stem will do it. spaces between fan leaves will fill in when other branches start growing.

    growth slowing down is probally because its time to start feeding nutes. from seed they have a lil nutes then the soil has nutes for 2-3 weeks. my plant started slowing down also, i started feeding her nutes and she took back off again.

    i swear my plant looks identical to yours, only thing is i fimmed and it didnt take so i have a few cut fan leaves.

  9. What nutrient NPK %-%-% did you start using and the company? How long you been veging / planning to?

    Thanks for post!
  10. i veged for about 3 weeks then flipped to 12/12. im using miracle grow tomato plant food, NPK is 18-18-21.

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