Need some fake Jordans!

Discussion in 'General' started by Foo20, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. I dont want to spend more than $25 for shoes. Where in Bradenton can I get some fake Nikes or Jordans cheap. I know theyre not real but they still look okay.
  2. Payless shoe store? Or K-mart?
  3. Yeah thats probably too low, my bad. 50? I have no idea.
  4. Fall apart in a month.
    I don't see the point
  5. Because I dont think I could get a nice of pair legit jordans/nikes for $50.
  6. Theres websites with authentic Jordans for like 50$. There all created by like Chinese sweatshop workers lol. I wish I had a link for you man

  7. kicks bay dot com
  8. Its been removed.
  9. oh damn nevermind.
  10. Its alright.
  11. i dont get why you cant just buy normal shoes in your budget. if you cant afford jordans, then dont get jordans. fakes are lame.
  12. I didnt know there was Jordans for 50. Calm down.
  13. try amazon they got some good deals
  14. dude authentic shoes for cheap?? lol no there fake or aka 'grade b" as they put it in there policy try

  15. pay less bro. its got whatchu need.
  16. has good shoes for 50plus shipping
  17. Buy a pair of Toms. Looks like a hipster while saving the world for $40. Whats not to like?
  18. I just went to the Nike outlet and got a pair of nice air jordans for 60+tax they have shoes as low as 40... If their is a store called shieks where you live go there they usually have cheap nikes etc..
  19. you need some fake Jordans, i need some George Formans. [​IMG]
  20. relaince fresh shoes

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