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Need Some Assistance Please With My Candies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by happyfriend, May 20, 2013.

  1. OK, so I attempted to make cannabis butter infused lollipops. I followed directions from someone on here that was very educated in the cooking field. So, I used
    3/4 cups sugar
    3/4 cups corn syrup(clear)
    5 tablespoons of butter
    1 packet of jello 
    I cooked sugar,syrup and butter for almost an hour in a CROCKPOT. It never came to a boil, but it did reach a temperature of about 210F. I added my jello while stirring slowly and then being the impatient person i am, instead of candy molds I just poured it all into a tin pan. Had the idea of just breaking it up like glass candy. The pan was coated in cooking spray and then topped with powdered sugar then another very light coating of spray. After pouring my product into the tin pan, I then sprinkled just a little bit of powdered sugar on top. I sat it in the fridge and left it overnight. Today i go and check it and its just a goo, a thick sweet potent goo. So im like WTF<? 
    So my questions are:
    What went wrong?
    Can i recook it and try again?
    If it cant be fixed, what are some ideas of using this beautiful mess? (without trashing it)
    Thanks to all. 

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    Looks like you tried to make a weird combination of hard candy, and gummy candy? :confused_2:
     If you wanted hard candy that you could snap like glass, then you didn't actually need the gelatin, and instead you should have followed a proper hard candy recipe that adheres to the specific and correct temperatures or heating stages required by sugar when making candy, such as the tutorial provided on the first page of the CannaPharm sticky/pinned thread.
     If you wanted gummy candy, then you needed to use a bit more gelatin and water, a bit less fat, and less sugar, like the gummy recipe provided in the CannaPharm.
     What I believe you've done, according to your post, is you've created a too-oily and too-sugary syrup, by using hard candy sugar and oil ratios, in a not-gummy-enough base. Meaning that (because you didn't achieve hard candy temperatures), all that sugar syrup and oil couldn't be held in place by the small amount of gelatin you used, or by the heat reaction and dispersal of water that allows for the formation of hard candy. So the ingredient and process requirements were not met for gummy candies, or hard candies. :eek:
     You *could* try to reboil it with 3 - 4 extra Tbsp of water, while whisking and adding another two packets of Knox unflavored gelatin (adding a Jello brand with all the extra sugar may not work, where since it's meant to hold only a little more sugar than it already contains, and it would also only dilute your canna even more), or you could just chalk up to a learning experience, and use it as a medicated syrup for ice-cream, cake, toast or muffins. :)
     Hope this helps, good luck next time! :)
  3. Thank you kitty. Iv read lots of your stuff great work. Had no idea id have such a pro replying to my first post,haha that's great. Yeah so the recipe i followed was for "hard" candy. If i reboil and use water would i necessarily need gelatin? I still have all ingredients except jello :/ Is there any common household item that may work as a substitute? Thanks again so much for the help.

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