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Discussion in 'General' started by JoaoPaulo, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. I really want to get out of Europe and go to the US.. but I don´t know where to crash :S.. I want to have a better life and for that I have to make this trip but I don´t know how the things work out there in the States. and can I get a job when I get there.....? so you guys are 98% americans.. can you help me out here ? :smoking:
  2. Come to canada buddy.

    There is a big portugese community in Toronto. Good dope too.
  3. canada is more lenient with their immigration... and they arent losing their basic rights more and more each day... plus they are pretty accepting of herb... sounds tempting to me.
  4. that´s a good choice bro and my auntie lives there hmm.... ill keep that in mind :D
  5. Ya with the immigration these days i hear its harder/cost more to be a legal immigrant then illegal in this country. As far as a job goes as long as your not looking for an extremely high paying job it shoudnt be hard, construction or food services is always an option, landscaping shit like that is ussually pretty easy to get.

    Good luck with whatever it is u end up doing tho. An find some dank while your here
  6. I'm canadian I live in the US and shit I wouldnt move here i'd go to canada you need to get a work permit they only do in certain places and if you do ANYTHING wrong your gone
  7. Yeah and as far as jobs are concerned you have NOTHING to be worried about.

    GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is the fastest growing part of the world right now. There is a huge demand for trade skills, general labour, etc.

    I work with many immigrants, i've even had to train some of them.

    If you have a strong back, a strong work ethic and are eager to learn then you can thrive in canada.

    I just want to take a minute to say that i love my country :D
  8. I rep from canada too Ottawa is my home I love it
  9. Ottawa is a cool city. i have some friends from there.

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