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Discussion in 'General' started by Delibery, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I did the triple cs drug and had a really bad experience. heart was pounding fast, and it was a awful experience, already told the story but Gm deleted it so i just wanted to know, is weed alright to smoke after having your heart beat extremely fast as if i was about to have cardiac arrest from the triple cs ?
  2. No talky talk of other drugs. NKG
  3. Triple c's? Really bro.. all my friends thought that use to be cool too, then they went into high school. Smoke a blunt and stop doing dumbass drugs
  4. I would wait until your heart stops beating so fast just stop doing triple cs
  5. Triple c's zomg. I know kids who really fucked their brains/liver with that DXM cough medicine crap. Stick to weed, smoking might bring back the ccc "trip" in your head but just relax and realize you're only smoking weed. It's all in your head. And stop doing cough medicine you damn fool!
  6. Oh my God I remember those. Now I get nauseous when I see a box of any type of Coricidin. Not even the C&C. I hope this is the last time you do it.

    Spark up but don't overdo it. Just to calm the nerves and ease the mind. Smoke normal tomorrow

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