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  1. I just broke up with my girlfriend, who ive been going out with for around 14 months. We had a strange relationship where we couldnt longer than a week without fighting. I broke up with her cuz she was clingy, and i felt like i needed space plus i just had lost interest. it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do, but now it hasnt even been 2 hours and i really already regret it, i miss her and i love her. She was my first gf so i dont have much experience, hoping i could get some advice. Did i make the right decision? it feels like i didnt...
  2. I did the exact same thing. Trust me. Except before i broke up i new i was gonna regret it so i wrote down all the reasons i broke up and everytime i felt like you do right now i would read the reasons.
    I sucked though. For me it was 8 months and first relationship. Got bored. Lost interest. Too clingy. I know i did the right thing.
    Dude never look back. If i hadnt have broken up with her i wouldnt have the girl i have right now. Whom i adore and honestly i wouldnt change one thing. Just pull through. Give it maybe 2 weeks. After that youll start feeling better. Its just youre body isnt used to it. Don go back though. No matter how bad you wanna. Never look back. You go used to her and you were thinking straight. While you were thinking straight you knew it was the right thing to do to break up. Now youve broken up, youre not used to it at all and youre not gonna think straight for a while. But just remind yourself that when you were thinking straight you broke up with her. And thats what matter. Give yourself maybe 2-3 weeks until you start to think straight again.
    If you ever need support man just pm me. I know how tough it is, i couldnt do it. I got back together with my gf within 3 days of breaking up. Then i was like fuckk. Howd i end up back here. And then i broke up again the next day for good. And i had the notes to remind me why i did.
  3. all sounds pretty unhealthy to be honest, you should find someone you don't feel is too clingy and you don't have to fight with constantly. get over her if you can, but I understand if its not that easy.

  4. *sigh*

    yeah, i guess youre right. its just hard to get over it, this is the girl i lost my virginity to, somehow it just makes me feel like i shouldnt have left her. Im a mess, which almost never happens to me. i wanted to be single so bad while i was with her, and now that im not, i just miss having someone.:confused:
  5. You need to find a good friend. Like a best friend.
    Honestly man if you can pull through the first 2 weeks your gold. Just try. Set a challenge. A goal. 2.5 week mark. If you make it to then ill reward you with something :p

  6. what sort of something? ;)

    but seriously though, i have a couple close friends, just their not the type that i feel i can discuss relationship problems with.
  7. I will give you 1 wish. And then i will try my best to make it come true.
    Its gotta be a doable one xD.

    I know theyre not the ones to discuss relationship problems with but you can spend time with them. Itll make you forget about your girl. Thats how i got over mine. Just went to see movies and shit with friends. Blazed together and shit and eventually before you know it youll forget about this girl.
  8. You need to forget and move on! The thing you are clinging to yourself is simply phermones! It was your first and hopefully not your last.

    No one needs or should be in a relationship with constant turmoil and bickering! You did do the right thing and stick to it bud!:hello:

  9. Itll probably be my last lol. The breakup was so messy, i dont ever want to have to go through that again :(

    Ive never known myself to get attached to anything, i thought it would be easy. I guess not...
  10. Stick it in her butt ;)
  11. Naw bro all relationships are messy. Promise yourself you wont let this affect future relationships. All chicks are different. Just cause this relationship ended bad doesnt mean the next one will.
  12. yeah, same thimg for me dude. i was together for a year with my girl, it just get easyier after time. i hardly talk to my ex, and dont care to. shes just been to much of a selfish bitch and doesnt deserve my time any more. dont let this one keep u in the gutter. just keep ur head up and keep ur eyes out for beautiful women.

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