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    if your not going to give real advice don't reply

    okay well i need some advice on what i should do. I am 19 years old im out of school and all my friends are from my old neighborhood. The problem is i am in a gang that I dont even want to be in well let me give you a little background first. Okay some of my friends are in well call it gang1 and some are in gang2 there both almost the same thing just different blocks they dont fight each other so its nothing like that.

    well on superbowl sunday i got wrecked super drunk and they ended up turning me gang1 i was all mad and i didnt wanna be in it but not i cant do shit about it or i will get a 3min violation fuck that i only have 2friends in gang1 so i dont even chill with that like that i dont even talk to them or feel comfortable around them besides my 2 friends

    my friends in gang2 always tell me just be with them blah blah blah cuz most of my friends are in gang2 but i dont wanna be in a gang at all......

    these people dont live no where around so i can stop talking to everyone and i guess just be forgot about
    but i mean these people are my only friends we were friends befor any of them turn a gangbanger the problem isnt with the people that are my friends its the other people in the gang

    there trying to control me and tell me things yesterday they gave me a 1 min violation for not going to the meetings im all sore

    im leaving to job corp anyday now whenever they call me but that is probably a 2month wait so i dont know if i should just stay home and no go over there anymore or i dont know what to do cause i get bored at home

    im not scared to be in a gang or anything i just dont want that lifestyle i want a future for myself but yeah i have done alot of stupid things...............i wish i hadnt done

    what would you do in my situation?????????????????????? :confused:
    like face the 3 min violation or just wait it out til i go to job corp and not look back??
    like i dont know what to do.........................
  2. I'd see if there was anyway to get into the Job Corps early if possible. If not I wouldn't get involved. I have to say I have absolutely no personal experience with gangs, but from what I hear I'd make sure to stay uninvolved. We have XIV and XIII around where I live, but i don't really hang out anywhere near them.
  3. I can't get in early i wish i could and if i dont go around no more im going to need to find a hobby or something to keep me busy......
  4. Man say fuck the gang and go to job corp. Gangs are a waste of time IMO
  5. i am going to job corp no doubt but im asking what should i do in the meanwhile because i have 2 months before i go
  6. get out while you can.. trust me dude, dont get involved deeper into gangs. get out early as possible, lay back for a while and wait to go to job corp.
  7. Find better friends ones who won't beat your ass for not showing up.

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