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Need some advice

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NateDaGreat420, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. i recentley got into trouble with the law and havent yet gone to court for what i did and i screwed up pretty bad with my folks cause im still livin in there house hahahaha and they are nonstop bickering at me i cant stand it and now they are givin me shit for smokin weed ... wtf ... what should i do
  2. Aight thx ganjamom i have been trying to get my ass a
    9 to 5 but i continually am getting my application replies as pretty much saying that im a fuck up and they dont want that kinda drama for the job so my options of movin out so far are slim enless i move with my homie im stuck in my childhood hell hole lol you know what i mean im sure !!! :)
  3. You could move out if your old enough. or stay and prove it to them that pot isnt this really bad thing its clamed to be on tv. that has worked for me. now they let me smoke anywhere around the house aslong as I dont do it around them. and keep it under control. and dont get toloud. but problly why it worked for me. is cause im over 21. so they pretty much stay off of my case bout what i do. aslong as I do it moderation. and plus they know I dont mess with the hardstuff.

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