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  1. Please tell me if you think they're too small for their age! The biggest plant ( closest to the door on the left ) is 6 weeks old ( 30cm tall ) and the other 3 are 4 weeks old on Monday ( 21cm tall )! By the way I've started counting the weeks from when the seedling popped through the soil. Closest to the door on the left popped through soil on the 7th of July. And the other 3 popped through on the 24th of July. Would I be able to put them into flower now? I know I would lose yield, but would I still get a decent amount? Thanks guys.


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  2. Looks good
  3. Which pots size are you using? If you induce flower now they would probably double or triple in size (depending on the strain), if you want to switch to flower now you can, plants are big enough to switch. In my opinion i would leave them probably another week cuz it looks like you have enough space for them to grow more.

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