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  1. Ok so im looking to grow in a dresser or something like that. What sizes do you think they should be im not trying to grow more than 2 maybe just 1 plant at a time. Also would tin foil work on the inside? What kind of bulbs? Ive seen rigs with just fluorescent looking bulbs... does that work o_O?!?and airflow. would 2 decent sized computer fans work for the intake and outake(12v)? also whats the best for the smell? What are some different brands of Carbon Filters? and where can i pick them up at?

  2. Computer fans would work one on the lower side and one up top, the idea is to bring fresh air in underneath and the hot air out accumulated at the top, a 4x5 closet would work well for a couple of plants you nead ideally 2 to 3 foot up and 1 and a half foot radious for eath plant if trainings being applied LST ect, which is something you'll want to look into.
    Lights 400w HPS for flowering maybe a 250w and 2 200w CFLs or just one for veg, CFLs are cooler than hps and run on less electricity, you could just use CFL's, the rule with lighting is 125w per plant but it's more complex than that, more is required during flowering for a good yield IMO unless it's HPS. 
    Carbon filters are good, if it's just the one plant i've never found it that neccasary, you'll want an oscolating fan in there as well.
    Get some good genetics, soil , lights, keep the temps between 20 to 35c don't feed until there at least a month old, and don't overfeed,  you'll be fine good luck :smoking:

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