need some advice quick, making big purchase

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  1. hey everybody I need to know this is a good deal before I bite the bullet. I'm looking at a mobius stemless stereo matrix 60 T and a hollow foot peyote pillar. Both pieces are brand new and the price is 1425. Do you guys think this is a good deal for both pieces?
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    Sounds fair. Where are you buying the Peyote Pillar from? I've been looking for one for ages.
  3. 60t is like $350 and pp hollow is around $1k. both non worked, so yeah that's seems right after tax and yadayada
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    Thats a deal and a half my bro, considering that you cant find a pp hollowfoot anywhere. Your about to own two very nice pieces.
  5. Is the PP used? Where did you find one?
  6. No the PP is brand new and correction the final price was 1325. And my babies are coming home. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  7. Please share where you bought the Peyote Pillar from, some of us have been searching for one for quite some time. 
  8. Here are pics of the two pieces. What do you guys think? Thanks to everyone for there input I really appreciate it. Out of curiosity are the hollowfoots straights that rare? I wasn't aware.

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  9. Because if they had one Peyote Pillar for sale they may have a second one....
  10. I have been looking for one for a few weeks, scouring all over the internet and local head shops to no avail. 
  11. Hey dude, it was an lhs and it was the last one. I honestly think I got really lucky. I wasn't aware that these where that rare. It took me about two weeks to find one. I would check sovereignty Facebook page.
  12. Damn, as crazy as it sounds I would have legit bought a plane ticket just to go pick it up, ESPECIALLY if it was a worked piece. 
    wtf? just go through some Sov FB page and you'll see tons of worked PP for 2nd hand. I'd say OG sov,  stem8, g-line8 and hornets are more hard to come by than pp
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    Nice pickups! I think the PP looks a lot better than the inverted 4. From what I've seen, about half are hollow foots.

    And yeah, I agree with Lazyboy- stem 8s and a couple others are def harder to come by. They've been cranking out pillars at a serious rate lately.
  15. That looks like liquid chrome toronto

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