Need some advice on whether to stay at my job

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    So ive been working at this place for about 6 months
    i was unemployed for 3 years because my first job i got right out of school and have had a bunch of shit to deal with since i left there

    i got this job through a friend when he recommended me to his boss, it was hard to keep at it in the beginning but then it got easier
    the work is pretty simple, just keep the store looking nice, shift boxes, put up stock, do cash register, typical retail stuff

    the thing is tho ive started to hate it in the last few weeks, mainly because im not good with people and have to stand in front of them all day wondering if this job is even respectable, in addition i have social anxiety most the time and it exhausts me and sometimes i get speech problems because of it

    pay is a little over $22 AUD per hour which i dont know if it is good, bad or average for an australian casual

    i no longer think about the money and just get a dreaded feeling when i know i have to work the next day and when i get ready for work

    at the moment i have alot of things to worry about so i cant tell if my problems are spilling into my work life or if my work life is part of the problem

    if you were me would you quit to find another job or stay and suck it up?
  2. Most jobs sucks man, not tryin to be a bitch......but suck it up....6months....I was workin in a nice restaurant for 4 years during HS....and I hated that shit....but had to make money tho. Start lookn for jobs while you got this one, cuz if you got no income comin in..... your kinda fucked unless you got other ways of makin cash....and cant do that forever.
  3. suck it up. seriously. most people hate their jobs and everyone and their momma has social anxiety these days. being unemployed for 3 years because you had shit to deal with is ridiculous. you don't think everyone has "shit to deal with"?if you are going to quit, at least wait until you have another job lined up.Sent from my SGH-I747M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. If you have something else lined up then quit, if not start looking. It's always nice to change things up frequently in my opinion anyways. I hate doing the same shit everyday which just makes the whole life process an annoying one.
  5. Why don't you try some medication for social anxiety
  6. Same with me and my last job.... I was told I was going to be working in the kitchen preparing food, cleaning up the cafeteria and kitchen, and overall helping the groove of things..And I did all that perfectly, and enjoyed it. But a week in, they put me, without my say, to work the lunch line. In other words, managing the cash register, the payment computer, and telling kids a few years younger than me exactly when they had to pay, and when, or else they would have to just get a pb&j for the day. Overtime, it just got to me and it got kind of uncomfortable for some reason, so I just left. I didn't need money, and even if I would have sticked it out I would have left a couple weeks ago due to a move. Oh well, it was experience, I didn't really get into it though.
  7. Just be lucky you have a job, there's so many people out there that would love to have your job

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    Stay at that job until you find another one... I learned that lesson the hard way. You never know how long it will take to find another job and if you quit then you'll feel even shittyer because you have no money coming inNice avatar there chod we got close to the same type if thing thereSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Lol I thought I posted twice, all like what the fack. Then I realized it was someone else and got really tripped out.
  10. You don't have to quit to find another job, you can start looking right now and keep going to work. 
    Better not to have gaps in your employment record. 
  11. Job is a job... They all suck in different ways lol... You probably would bitch about not having one if you quit anyways lol no money = no schmoke
  12. Well the unfortunate truth is that most jobs you're going to have in your younger years are going to suck ass. You don't get to the good stuff (most of the time, there are a few exceptions) until you either get a degree, or work your ass off into a higher paying management position. Unfortunately you have to have a job to live.
    So basically....suck it up bro, that's what being an adult is. Most people hate their jobs. If you're serious about wanting something more enjoyable, and that suits your personality better, you've got to work for it. And I absolutely think you should! But in the meantime, you've got to have a job, any job, to get by. Also, get some help for your social anxiety issues. Maybe that means a medical doctor; maybe that means a psychologist. That path is yours to decide. But either way, it doesn't have to be like this. You can get positive support and help in one form or another.
  13. This really doesn't sound like a bad job at all.   I'd try to stick it out for a year or so, for the experience, and try to get something better when you have some vacation time accumulated.  
  14. Mmmmm I've been in the same situation ... Never a people person and never ever saw myself in customer service ... I remember going to a new uni and getting anxious every time I entered the class because I felt so nervous with all those people ... But now I serve at a restaurant and am talking to people all day who I don't even know ... U need to get out of ur comfort zone for a little while ... Push urself to at least try ... If I never woulda pushed myself id still be thinking I have a problem with people ... Anyways ... Maybe urs is different to each their own .... But I'm just saying try and stick it out .... What I always think about is all the weed I'm gunna smoke when my shift is over hahah so that usually helps

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