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Need Some Advice on Topping, Anyone?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Perfect Circle, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Any info would be greatly apprechiated, or a link to Topping.... !!! I'm 3rd week into flower, IS IT TO LATE TO TOPP ?? Thanks--- Peace OUT
  2. Dude people are going to bash you.

    If you go to the section where you posted, and look at the first few threads that say "sticky", you fill find what you're looking for, and it would have saved you time.

    You're just being lazy man.
  3. Why would you want to top a flowering plant?

    Did you not plan ahead and now your plants are too tall?
  4. Dude, Newbie here... Just found all the info. I need in topping thread... Looked before and did not see Bro !! Bare with me my friend and trust me, Im not a lazy bastard, unless I dont smoke so maybe I am.... Have not smoked in three days... OFF THE WALLS ! Taken as Constructive Criticism

  5. Just learned u can not TOPP a plant in Flower, Thanks Dude.... NEWBIE and learning!

    Will post my SET- UP and GIRL's SOON...... I dont think my plants are to tall, I planned my space properly, just did not know if i needed to TOPP.... I'll get some pics. up

    Thanks for the INFO...... :hello:
  6. Yeah, you're past the point of doing any topping. G'luck.
  7. Yeah, I hear ya! Thanks though- Learn something new every other day !!
  8. If you were looking to top so you could spread out that main cola,....too late. If you wanted to top because of height,'re too late,...but there are other methods. Search "LST" low stress training, essentially,....bend it over if it's too high but do it gently and smoothly.
  9. Now, I had one in a tent that started to get too tall, as in, the top was done, and the middle and bottom was still light and fluffy.

    I just chopped the top section, then the middle about a week or so later, then the rest about a week or so after that.

    Made for an interesting variety of buds. Some were all uppy and heady, some were more sedative, and some turned completely purple just out of nowhere.

    Also, every time I cut one section off, the next lower section got bigger and fatter, which makes me think that had I had the space, I could have yielded alot more.

    Who knows?
  10. Thanks dude.... much appreciated !!:)

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