Need Some Advice On Getting Seeds To Start Really Growing

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by abekl, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Hi all,
    I have a bunch of really expensive seeds started in Jiffy peat pellets. They are in a well drained tray. I'm keeing the pellets moist, but not wet or sopping. The tray is sitting on a seedling heating mat. Average temp of the seeds is 78-80 deg F.
    I started the seeds six full days ago, and I'm not seeing any progress. So I surgically open one peat pellet to see what's going on, and the seed has a small tap root, about 1/8 inch long, but no stem has yet started.
    I'm worried that the seeds are not progressing. Anyone have any advice to share with me.

  2. if the root was white and looked healthy, odds are they just took a few days to germinate.
    give it some time and i'm sure you'll have some sprouts in a few days ;)
  3. Thanks. Of course I'll give it more time.
    Is it unusual for seeds to taker this long to really get going?
  4. Most seeds will sprout within a week of planting if viable but it can take as much as 2 weeks. Did you soak them in water before planting them? I don't do paper towel method but I do like to soak them for at least 4-5 hours to get the coating softened a little. IME they will sprout within 5 days when doing the soak if they are viable. I recently had a Dinafem Blue Kush that popped a tail and then nothing... I think it was the Burpee starter pellets I was using not being well aerated and possibly having a pH issue. I have since started using a starter mix I found here on GC. It is 3 parts HP Pro Mix, 3 parts EWC, and 2 parts vermiculite. My last couple seedlings are much healthier than my seedlings I started in the pellets. Hopefully you didn't try to germ them all at once and have some more if it fails but I wish you the best of luck!
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    They will germinate in the lightest of dampness, just make sure you haven't got it too wet. I would be surprised to see a plant come up if it's already been 5 days though
  6. I didn't soak the seeds before planting them. I'm sure I've got the temp and moisture levels correct. About 75-80 deg F, and the peat is moist but not really wet or soppy. The seeds are planted between 1/4 and 1/2 inch deep, without regard to orientation.
    Unfortunately, I blew my entire seed wad on this batch. Let's just hope they're slow starters.
  7. Expensive seeds eh? Let me ask you, are you familiar with your method? First time? If so, why the "designer" seeds? My advice, get wich ever method your heart desires ( just plant the fucking things) down to a t. Then spend some money.

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  8. Yeah, that's sage advice actually.
    My opinion is, if you are about to invest all that time and money in to a grow, you want to make sure you start with good genetics. When you factor in how much time, effort, and hope you put in to it, the cost of the seeds is a very small portion of what you will spend 
    It sounds spot on, although I would have them much deeper  I have mine about 2 deep as the surface can dry up quickly. If the surface isn't drying up on yours it's not much of a worry.
    What breeder did you get them from? 
  11. It's complicated germination posts with flaky results that make me thankful I just stick to the paper towel method. I don't have germination issues with that, and I've been growing for YEARS indoors. :metal:
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    When I grow in soil I start with a low nutrient soil like peat and mix it with perlite 2:1 and fill a 3" wide pot up to 3" from the rim, place the seed on this and then fill the pot with another 2" of soil. Water in a little and they show their faces in a couple of days. I very rarely have any problems.
    I use paper towels when I start seeds in hydro, there's no need for it when growing in soil though

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