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Need Some Advice From The Pro's...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Twoshoes, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Maybe this is the wrong forum but seems the logical place to me...Please excuse the length...

    I am 65 and was a drummer in the 60's...smoked a lot of whatever we could get in the Midwest then. But never really enjoyed the high...smoked cause everyone else did. Can count and remember the good times I had on weed on one hand. But loved the feeling when it was good. Haven't smoked since '68.

    Wife and I have a story of woes from a health insurance fuck up...lost our house etc...and lots of stress from it. Quit booze cause I way over did it and it was killing me. Decided to give weed another go for some relief. Got a med card and went to a club. The lowest grade bud they had just wiped me out...big time anxiety. Purple Goo was it's name, gave it to a neighbor. Now I have some Blackberry and do one piece the size of a "BB" and it is all I can take...still have that underlying edgy feeling though...and not very relaxing.

    What I would really like is something that would give me a nice mellow, euphoric and relaxing high without the anxiety or run away roller coaster mental shit that usually that at all possible? Anyone experienced here that might recommend a strain I could try?

    The kids at the club are nice and try to help but said that pretty much whatever I smoke is going to cause anxiety and I just need to get used to it.
    Like saying wiping your ass with a cactus is going to with it...fuck that!

    Or maybe weed just isn't for me, I don't know?

    Thanks for taking the time and thanks for any help, it is very much appreciated.

  2. smoke less at a time until you're comfortable with it. a lot of people get anxiety when they smoke. i have numerous times. typical feeling
  3. I heard Strawberry Cough is a great strain with minimal anxiety.
  4. maybe it's just the circumstances you're smoking there a setting where you don't feel anxiety? like if you were camping with no one for miles around would you feel more comfortable?

    Have you tried edibles? a weak edible might be that high you're looking for..but then it might be worse...try some sativas, some light edibles....try alot of different strains. I don't believe that every strain will give you anxiety...unless you're very paranoid about smoking.
  5. Anxiety i think can be easily dealt with as long as you are in a calm chill environment, maybe some enjoyable music playing, dimmed lights, comfy seat, a good drink (preferably something with no caffeine or alcohol like herbal tea) and some good food (just some examples that relax me). I really do believe it's all in your setting but strain wise i have no idea, all i could say is a mild-medium indica. If you said that at a dispensary they'd know exactly what to give you.
  6. You might consider taking that bb sized piece and mixing it w/ tobacco to make a less potent overall joint. Most medical grade weed seems to be on the potent end of the scale, whether it's supposed to relieve anxiety or not. If it's just the potency that's overwhelming to you, then cut it w/ some tobacco.
  7. Look for Indica strains. Indica relaxes the body, while the Sativa strains make the mind race.
  8. I suggest maybe using a vape? It is a much cleaner high with more control.
  9. Thank you all for taking the time and giving your advice and suggestions.
    Good on you all!

    *Flared...will do , thanks.
    *I will look for Strawberry Cough, thanks st-w/lots-of-ez's!
    *Tried edibles...thanks BongSauce.
    *Recovery...Will do, thanks.
    *ssblind...Thank you, great list!
    *mrgoodsmoke...Will try mixing with leaves instead of tobacco...was hooked on tobacco for years...good idea though.
    *pearl...Indicas, thanks.
    *pvpaymon...hadn't thought of that will definitely look into a vaporizer...thanks!

    Thanks again, Happy Trails to all you nice folks!
  10. Ask for strains high in CBD
  11. Hi hon! I'm Granny, one of the local know-it-alls! ;)

    Camram has it right! You need a high CBD strain! CBD is the #2 cannabinoid, and has been rather ignored until recently because it doesn't get you high! However, it is very useful medically!

    CDB/ cannabidiol is an effective anti-anxiety medicine! Ever do any public speaking? :eek:

    Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients. (abst – 2011) Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulat... [Neuropsychopharmacology. 2011] - PubMed result

    In fact, it is a bit more than "just" an anxiolytic!

    Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an antipsychotic drug (full - 2006)
    [FONT=&quot]Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research - Cannabidiol, a Cannabis sativa constituent, as an antipsychotic drug[/FONT]

    Just about anything you need to know about the medical use of cannabis can be found by just clicking that first link in my sig!

    And start taking Omega 3! (Just trust me on this :), or you will get to see what one of MY long posts are like! LOL)

    If you have any questions, ask! The only dumb question is the one that goes unasked! (I'm a compulsive educator and love the subject of cannabis. :smoking:)

    Granny :wave:
  12. Thank you both!!

    I did post a thanks to camram last night but it did not make the thread for some reason.
    After reading his suggestion I spent an hour searching and reading info on CBD strains and put together a list of strains to look for in my area. I plan on calling clubs today and ask if they have any of them.

    I could say a lot about phobias...but I will cut it to the chase. Item specific phobias are very rare...fear of spiders, etc. Social phobias...the most common is the fear of public speaking, are in the same family as the fear of driving, flying, crossing bridges, etc. They are all forms of agoraphobia. Not the fear of open spaces but the fear of being out of one's safe place.

    Phobias are controlled, with drugs, behavior and cognitive therapy, etc...but not cured.

    No wonder then that people like me who have experience with agoraphobia would get anxious and uncomfortable by the psychoactive aspects of a marijuana high...taken right out of our "safe place" into a whole different perception.
    Never really thought about that before but it makes sense now that I do...

  13. So far, every strain I've tried provokes an anxiety reaction... Indica, Sativa, it doesn't matter. However, for me, the Sativas are the worst. Recently, I tried Bubblegum, and its causing the least anxiety, so far. You may want to try that strain, if you can find it. I dunno, I think that's just how it is for some people.

    As far as your mind/thoughts racing and being all over the place, the Sativas seem to do that to me big time (that and really messing up my memory).

    I'd stick to Indicas or Indica-predominant hybrids.
  14. I use this website (LEAFLY.COM) to find strains that dont cause anxiety/panicks

    As far as a strain w/ minimal anxiety I'd say Platinum Master Kush
  15. hey bud, since your in Sac, check out a topical rub. great for loosening stiff muscles and arthritic joints. i use Mo' Batti Shea butter. the place on Florin has it.

    Great relief without any side effects. well its a little greasy at first lol.

    Edibles are a finicky thing. with dosage not being uniform, and of questionable strains and can be hard to find one that suits you.
    the best i have found in sac that have very little "head change" but more than ample "body load" would be the "Full Moon Truffles". they have 1/4g of hash each so deff. split it until you know how they work for you.

    Budtenders are artists at making whatever they need to get rid of sound like THE STRAIN FOR YOU!! "this shit cures death" kinda sales.
    Ideally i say grow your own. its truly easy.

    alright, not affiliated with any of above mentioned babbling
  16. Just wanted to follow up.

    As per camram and Storm Crow's suggestions I went out today and picked up a taste of "Harlequin".
    Low THC high's perfect for me...just what I have been looking for!

    Every body is different but for me I can say this is pretty close to being the Valium of weed...

    Very mellow, comfortable feeling...all relaxed and easy. The weed I need!

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    Thank you for following up, glad to hear you found what you needed!
  18. Have you tried a vaporizer or edibles? You might find the slightly different high from those would be less overwhelming. I hope you find a strain that works for you. A late harvest GPD or Purple Urkle is usually pretty relaxing. I would try getting a small amount of a couple different strains and see if any work for you. It sounds like you've tried mostly indica's and that's what I'd normally recommend to anyone in your shoes, but it's possible that with your body chemistry you might like one of the more mellow sativa strains. The overwhelmingly strong high of an indica, although relaxing for most people, might be too much for you. My mother has this problem. If you tried a sativa I'd do with Sour Diesel or Blue Dreams. Sour D is a happy high that doesn't give me any side effects that most other strains give me (like dizziness) and Blue Dreams is a very relaxing high like the names suggests.
  19. Oops, I read this after I typed out my reply. So happy you found something that works for you!

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