need som help with lightning..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The #1, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. hey i want to grow inside because my outside plants are taking way too long so here is what I've got:

    Ive got the seeds, just some bagseed i dont mind if its not that good of a quality.

    I've got about four 30 W fluros

    and I've got two 120 W floodlights, but im not sure if they are hps but here is what it says on top (they are pretty f*cking big):

    PHILIPS Par 38 EC FLOOD 30
    240 V 120 W *5M
    Made in Holland

    if it's not a hps can I still use it..?
  2. you can use the floros to veg, im not quite sure with the floodlights, its a poss they could be mh which would be usable, got any pics for us?
  3. thanks for the quick reply uhm yeah i wanted to use those fluro's for the veg. but i wanted to use those floodlights for the flower if it's and mh it would suck coz than i would have buy some hps , i hate not being rich
    sorry i haven't got any pics of em coz i just found em in my basement and i haven't got a dig. camera can't anyone make out if this is an hps with the discription i gave?
  4. hey thanks for the pics it helped me a lot

    I've got the halogen , now i know how a hps looks like i'll have another look in my basement but i'll probably buy one of them 250 W hps

    thanks again!
  5. hey man thanks for the link but im looking at the 250 w hps at the moment and it says $15.95 aint that a bit cheap i thought it was around $70

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