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  1. Alright so heres my complication. My girlfriend is a virgin and she wants to have sex real bad but everytime we try it just ends up not happening. For the record I am in no way bragging about me having a big dick but unfortunately I do. I can in no way possible get my dick to go in her vagina. Ive tried to have sex like 4 times but its not working out so well. I had this problem with my ex gf also and she was not a virgin so idk maybe i just have a big dick i guess. Ive tried having her give me head first and then her trying to get on top. Ive tried getting on top myself but it will not go in. Everytime I tried I wasnt wearing a condom so maybe I should just wear one for lubrication? Shes on birth control so im not too worried about her getting pregnant. Has anyone else had this problem because any help would be appreciated. Ive had sex plenty of times before and for me not to be able to have sex with her really just turns me off because everytime I go to have sex with her from now on im always going in thinking its not gonna work. :confused: It sucks because after not being able to get it in for a little I cant stay hard forever so it makes me feel like a little pussy. Please help!
  2. go to the store and by some ky lube. then pour it all over your member, and get her nice and wet, and you should be good.
  3. What stores have ky?
  4. Go down on that girl till shes good and ready. It'll fit.
  5. u live in MA? u got CVS near you? or cumberland farms? any grocery store will cary it also next to the condoms
  6. alright im gonna try that
    thanks for the help ganjaganja. id give you the +rep if i knew how to haha

  7. He's right.
  8. when I had a virgin girlfriend I had the same problem since my wang is about the same size as my arm, but anyways...

    just finger her until it loosens up, seriously. start with 1 or 2 and work it
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    You say that you let her give you head before you try to slip it inside, is this because you think that this will help her loosen up? Have you tried maybe inserting one then two maybe even working up to 3 fingers to get her to loosen up?
  10. ^^^^true. loosin that shit upp with lotion on the fingers bro. or some baby oil. they all work.
  11. comeonm dude.... how is her sucking you off gonna hlp the problem?

    Now, I've never given a blowjob.... but to my understanding if she gives you head you get a bit bigger/harder......


    I dunno....but anyway.

    Give her head.... finger-fuck her..... suck her tits... get her so hot that she jumps on your fucking dick whether she thinks it will fit or not.

    Take it from a lesbian... who has a big plastic cock... and had a gf that was so tight I had a hard time using 1 finger....
  12. Please don't put lotion in some girls pussy.........

    OMG...... that sounds painful.
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    Boys, thank your lesbian friend, GimmieMore, for some actual advice.

    Perhaps your penis isn't as big as you think, it's probably that her cooch is just a bit too dry! If a woman is stimulated enough, she'll be plenty wet and can handle almost any size pecker.

    Focus on her pleasure before yours. It may be the key.

    You both must be young, and inexperienced. Hopefully some of the advice here will help. :)

    PS--Do not use baby oil with a condom, as it will break. And do not put lotion into a woman's vagina. Thank-you, drive through!

  14. why thank the lesbian that has no man experience?

    what I said works. even if the chick is having a flood come out of her vag, it won't matter if the skin is still too tight so you gotta work at it to loosen it up

    can't believe I have to point this out to a proud vag owner
  15. Wow lotion. not meant to be put inside of the body. God gave you saliva for a reason. Natural lube.
  16. First get her nice and worked up with your me women love a buy with an educated tongue. Make sure shes really into it. While your eating her out use your 2 fingers to rub on her g-spot.....that should deff get her going. Then Put the KY on you. Now SLOWLY try to slide it in bit by bit....your job is to make sure she is relaxed while doing this! Once you got it going build a rhythm and go to work man!

  17. Sure you should work at relaxing the muscles around the area.
    But I'll tell ya, a lot of guys aren't terribly adept when dealing with this situation.
    And it sounded like he was more interested in gettin his, rather than working her so they could both have fun.

    What's wrong with thanking a lesbian, anyway?
    Some of them can work with another female better than many men.
    I know, as I've been with both. :cool: And plenty of both, at that!

    (and I dunno about being a proud vag owner. I had no say in that matter)
  18. g-spot stimulation won't be necessary. Simply enjoy her clit, but indirectly. Don't play with it play around it. Don't forget to give everwhere a little bit attention. If your face isn't gleaming when your done you didn't do it right. Lesbians are lucky cause they get a head start in knowledge.
  19. Another good piece of advice. Sex is never about you(unless thats all she's in to) You will get yours every single time for the most part. Its easy for us guys, females on the other hand...Its more of a mental thing.You can't just stimulate their bodies you gotta make them "feel" good. And even if you do get turned off (your expectations) try your best not to let her know that. The mood gotta be right.

  20. true true

    thank you lesbians all over the world. without you, men all over the world would have way less variety in porno and always have to deal with those pointless boner killing up close shots of the guy's ass that they always seem to put in there.

    and if you're not a proud vag owner, does that mean you'd rather have been born with a wang? or are you just rebelling against everything?

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