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    ok so i just got my first pen style vaporizer (Ago G5). its pretty cheap, you can find it under 50$ so im not surprised of the following
    i notice that it completely burns the weed, unlike wall plug in vapes. after i look in the heating chamber, it has a bunch of burnt weed/residue inside it. so really its just efficient/convenient combustion with slightly less smell. so whats the difference between this and something that would just 'vape' the weed. as in there would just be slightly discolored weed remaining rather than ashes.
    (sorry for the double post, didn't even realize there was a vape section)

  2. Hey you wanna be cheap and vape not burn? Get a dragon lite launch box $35 cheap plastic little thing burns only if you hold the battery in too long.I have one and I cant say anything bad about it for the price It helped me vape. If your see the MFLB @$120 or so then save your money and buy a real portable vape (glass stem) arizer solo,PAX,something else.
    I use ecigs(quit tobacco 2 yrs ago) and advanced ecigs like the VAMO and I can tell you they havent made a good vape yet.They should combine the MFLB and the vamo it can be done.MFLB uses battery ecig is battery...Didnt find a good pen vape so I got the solo.Arizer solo Hasnt burn my weed yet and gets me where I need to be. Small like a redbull can.

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