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need opinions or help ASAP!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Adamxrut, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. In need of help !!! First of all I’m a dumbass who’s on probation and I got 4 months left. I fucked up n smoked just after I got switched to saliva tests. Is it possible to fail a saliva test 4 days after I smoked? I took a rip out of the bong n was coughing a lot. Someone please let me know!! I’m freaking out because if I drop dirty once I go back to jail for the rest of the year.
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  2. Why did you do that?
    Yes you’re in trouble I’d say.
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  3. The lady said it goes back to 1-3 days MAX.
  4. So why are you asking?
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  5. Detection in saliva is usually up to 48hrs but every individual is different. Stay tf away from the weed man 4 months left not worth it.

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  6. I’m just real worried. After my first saliva test the lady said I’d get results a day or so after. And I got em almost 24 hours after I took the test. They send em to the labs and get the results from there. I still haven’t got em , I’m just freaking out man. I’m 18 n I shouldn’t of even done it lol. I think ima call my PO if I don’t get the results today.
  7. I’m also about 5’8 140 lbs , idk if that helps but yeah.
  8. Because I haven’t gotten the results yet.

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  9. well if you go back to Jail for a year I hope that bong rip was worth it?
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  10. I actually JUST got the results emailed back and it was negative. NEVER am I risking that again.

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  11. Consider it luck bro and just wait itll be that much sweeter, the risk is way too high. Its your freedom man.

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  12. Ive been dt'd 6 hours after smoking and was cleared, it was saliva. Just a fun fact be careful next time everyones different.
  13. Yeah bro idek what i was thinking , it wasn’t fun cuz I couldn’t stop thinking about goin to jail, not being able to see my girl , AND I’d keep a felony on my record . Man

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  14. So are you going through this over a weed violation to start with what a joke this f****** States put you through?

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