need opinions i think i screwed up

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  1. i need ur guys opinion i think i might have waited to long to transplant my plants started drooping i had them in 4 inch pots up until yesterday idk to much about root bound but i think it happened i have 2 125w cfls (the big ones) i put them in 3 gallon pots yesterday idk the strain i bought a mystery pack there in ffof soil but they seem small to me there 24 days old today and also can i use these pots all the way through flowering? thx can u tell me if there about the right size just a quick opinion if u guys can help me out plz

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  2. 24 days old from seed? They look good to me. A little hungry maybe, but the ffof should feed them just fine for a bit.

    The 3 gal pots should be ok, assuming you're not planning to veg for longer than another month or so. If you are going to top or do any training, you may need to transplant to 5gal pots before you flower.
  3. plants look ok-:hello:-but to really make em go you need LIGHT! on the cfl at least 100 watts per plant. your 125 you need about 2-3 per plant. there prob 40 watts each. on the pot size its 1 gallon per month. good luck:smoke:
  4. i just turned that one off for the picture but ive seen people on here growin with less then i have lol arent these big 125s like 400w eqs?

  5. yeah, but equivalent isnt what matters, its the true lumens.
  6. ah ur right i think there 65 lmens per watt is what i read so there about 8000 or so a piece is that pretty descent?
  7. He's talking about 125W CFLs, not 125W equivalent CFLs. Big difference.
  8. hes got plenty of light, 125w cfl's are beast
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    im gonna get 250s for flower i think 2 of those should be good to go i have three plants in my space its 5 feet tall 3 ft wide and2ft deep i dont think i have the room for 3 idk what to do with the third

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