Need "myths" debunked or Varified!

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  1. These are three questions. An aqauntence of mine told me that these would work but i am hesitant on trying any of them and ruining the plants, any input would be nice thank you.

    1. Piss Water-peeing into a bottle and diluting it with a higher percentage of water and shaking it. -Will this be good for plants? Will any nutrients in your urine help the plant?

    2.Ashes-Having a thin layer of ash atop the soil in your pot. -will this help plants grow,or sprouts break through etc?

    3.Fan-is it good to have a fan lightly blowing back and forth across your plants?
  2. 1- piss has nitrogen, but too much and it would burn your plants. If you diluted it with water like you said, maybe, but it's just safer to stick with actual ferts.

    2-im not sure on that one

    3- yes putting a fan on your plants is very good. it gives the plant a stronger, sturdier stem.
  3. 2. Ashes are a strong source of Potassium, Some Phosphourus, Calcium and Magnesium.

    -Nitrogen and Sulfur are lost in the burning process.
    -Keep your eye on the PH levels if you do use ash, it will bring the soil to an alkaline
  4. instead of adding that crap just add a basic fertilizer. i have shultz 10-15-10 and used it my whole gro it cost 3 dollars and i have used it 2 gros and its not even half way used. i just add 5 drops to a liter and water once every 3 waterings. i would never use piss. thats just disgusting and ashes would work but why use these when u can get a great fert for 3 bux? i mena i am cheap also but cmon. why would u wanna smoke your own pee. leave the pee drinkn to r kelly.
  5. 1 ... no ...

    2 ... never heard of it ...

    3 of course ... sturdier stems ... and a better plant imo
  6. Thanks for the notes people. I was not planning on doing any of those accept the fan one because i would much rather have 3 dollar ferts over piss. A guy from baltimore told me they use baby piss because its really clean. And the chick told me to use ashes not for any nutrients it may provide but because of that whole "rising from the ashes" thing, where a forrest burns down and sprouts come up through the ash. Just needed a second opinion on it all but thanks!
  7. WTF?!?!
    Baby piss?!??!! You better call the cops on the guy in Baltimore. Normally babies piss wherever they want to whenever they want to. You cannot 'collect' baby piss via baby friendly means.

    Besides, your plants will stink and smoke like piss if you fed them piss.
  8. yea dude, remember your gonna be smokin this stuff and whatever you put in it, is going in your lungs. i always say no to smokin baby piss.
  9. hahaha the baby piss strain can join the "dd cat pee" strain... can form a new family of strains... "the urine family" then you can see crosses like northern piss and piss widow and blueberry tinkle
  10. Yeah the baby piss guy was in a group home, i dont know if he did it or someone he knew had done it, was a long time ago. Im def not going for the urine strain.
  11. roflroflroflrofl

    i would go with yellow widow, tho :p

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