Need More Paper .

Discussion in 'General' started by Kingg. ⛽️, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. I need too buy some papers ... But I dont know what app too use. And i dont know what brand of rolling papers to buy. ( Any Suggestions? )
    Im a first time buyer so I dont know what brand is best .
  2. raws are good zigzag is also good
  3. What app do you use to buy your papers from ? ( or website )
  4. ️">
    If you're not in Antarctica just go to the store lol

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  5. go to the store and buy some papers wtf is this app shit?
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  6. ... i just goto the gas station? you could buy em in bulk on amazon i suppose...
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  7. Why don't you go to the store like everyone else?:coolalt:
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  8. didn't know there was an app that gives you rolling papers.
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  9. I like raw papers, but I also like zigzags cause they're much easier to roll. I think it's because of the texture and thickness. If you're a new smoker... ahem.. you should go with zigzags. They don't pride themselves for the best paper in the 1900 world fair for no reason lol

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  10. LOL! Just go to the store and buy some ZigZags. They are only 99 cents and in some cigar shops you can buy two packs for 99 cents.

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