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Need money for weed? Make it from home!

Discussion in 'General' started by tarheels058, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hey I know there have been threads about this before but fuck it Cha Cha rules. I just got my debit card today and it's great. For anyone that doesn't know Cha Cha is a company that you can send a text message to asking any question. Then that question goes to a Cha Cha Guide who is sitting at their computer. They then look up the answer to whatever you asked and send it back to you (through the computer). I have average $8.30 an hour so far and i use this money solely for my weed. I'm currently at college and it's just absolutely perfect. Whenever I want to smoke more I just go online and answer questions then you can instantly transfer your balance onto your debit card and go get the money and a fat sack!

    If you are interested in doing this go to ChaCha.com and look for the become a guide tab. You have to pass a few tests to get in but there are cheat sheets online. I'll find them and post it at the end of this.

    If you need any help passing the tests or have any questions about it just pm me and i'll help you out.

    Test Help: Look at the third post down on this page http://www.hotstockmarket.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61295&page=2

    edit: also add [email protected] as your reference please.
  2. Been posted many many times.

  3. Really?

    I'm sure there's still people who haven't heard about it.
  4. cant deny that.
    do your thing.
  5. Doesn't work for canadians right?
  6. is this legit
    or another dumb ass scam

    either way im too lazy to do that shit :p
  7. it's legit. I know theres so much shit on the internet thats all bs. But It really works. I got my debit card right here. Even says ChaCha on it. pretty sweet.
  8. Is it hard to get accepted?
  9. I would usually get pissed when people posted stuff like this, but I think I seriously want to try this. Sounds like it might be fun.
  10. noope
  11. yea its legit, im an expeditor... ill get paid next month bc i have just under $100 in my account right now.. so next month around oct 15th ill get paid atleast 200 bucks and thats being conservative, maybe 300...questions just ask
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    To get accepted you have to fill out a form with your name and stuff and right a few sentences about why you'd be a good guide. Just say you have a lot of time to spend doing it and your a hard worker.

    After a day you'll get an e-mail saying you need to take 3 tests. There are 2 tests that ask problem solving things (I can't really remember) and then there's a typing test. I got 100% on two of them and something else high for the other. They aren't that hard. Use the cheat sheet in op.

    You'll find out right after you finish the tests if you passed. If you did 3 days later you'll get invited to take a simulator test. The sim test is just a test run of the real thing.

    Let me explain: When a person sends a text to ChaCha with the question. The Cha Cha network sends that text to your pc screen. You then look up the answer on google or whatever. Then you type the answer in and hit send. Then the ChaCha network takes the answer and sends it back to the person with the cell.

    So the sim test is fake questions that come up on your screen. You have to look up the answer and respond as if it was real. A real persoon will look at the answers you give, and if they are correct and in line wiht what Cha Cha wants* you get accepted.

    *If you are serious about it you should read through the guidlines and stuff for what a good answer is. It doesn't take long and you only have to do it once, its worth it. Example: don't use wikipedia or any wikianswers site (or yahoo answers etc.).

    Good luck
  13. holy shit dude .... your still here ? long time no talk whatsup ?
  14. I actually think Im gonna try this
  15. Shit is legit, I'm an expediter. It's less money but way less work. Get about $3-4 an hour. Less money, less work. Easiest bud money I've ever made.
  16. ahh just signed up to be a guide. how long will it take for me to start seeing money?
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    fuckin sweet, now I can sit on my ass all night doing my usual routines...
    Cept' get PAID
  18. This place seemed so great for me. I was training to be a guide over a year ago, and I got rated very highly by everyone that I trained with. However, i did not get promoted to guide and they never gave me a legitimate reason why this didnt happen. Their support was also horrendous and took at least a week to get a response. The only thing I could think was that I waited awhile before I started training, but even asking that they would not give me an answer.

    As far as being legitimate, they are. They have many articles written about them in the past that were pretty positive.
  19. Yep this is legit. I have been a guide now for about 4 months. Making some serious bud money too.

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