Need medical advice,in all seriousness.

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  1. This is serious, i think my dad is near death.

    He is about 56, and latley he was diagnosed with arthritus in his right arm, he moans everyday about it, but now he is starting to scare me.

    last week i heard horrid vomiting in the morning, and i discovered my dad throwing up like nothing ive heard before, and he said hes been doing it all week.

    and today he said that he was bleeding from his ass.

    what could this be, please don't joke imagine if this was your dad.

    He is refusing to get help.
  2. Hmm arthritis doesn't seem to be a life or death illness. The vomiting doesn't sound good but could be caused by a lot of other issues that doesn't have to be related to his arm problem. Bleeding from the anus could be caused by lots of things, including constipation due to the lack of liquids caused from vomiting.
    Honestly, if you think he is about to die then you should get him some help without his consent. Sounds like you are a little paranoid due to it being your father and you want what is best for him. Probably just some stomach issues and the arthritis doesn't make it very enjoyable. I hope this is helpful? Best of luck bud!:wave:
  3. Smoke him a fcken bowl man!
  4. dude i never even heard of a combination of these symptoms but i wish you and your father the best! my father had a heart attack on christmas eve couple of years ago and almost died (53yo) :(
  5. I bet that he is he taking very large doses of aspirin for his pain. :(

    Get him to stop!
    He is over-doing it and that is causing the vomiting and rectal bleeding. He will be vomiting blood pretty soon at this rate! (Hubby went through all this with aspirin.) Well, it's better that he's overdoing it with aspirin than acetaminophen, which can badly damage the liver! :cool:

    If Dad has bright red blood coming out of his rectum, he may have hemorrhoids (which can be internal and unnoticed). If he has nicked one with a bit of roughage or fingernail, it is bleeding uncontrollably because aspirin interferes with clotting. It's gross, but not too serious- it heals as soon as you stop the aspirin. Dark red blood is more serious and needs a doctor!

    So, talk to him about aspirin (which KILLS over 500 Americans a year) and I'd suggest that he take a peek at the "Arthritis" and "Pain" sections in my List (that first link in my sig). Cannabis aids in the healing of intestinal wounds, incidentally.

    Tell him your "on-line Granny" says for him to stop being a "Macho idiot" and see a doctor for some stronger pain meds, so he can take one pill not a dozen!

    Granny :wave:
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  7. I know he is taking loads of pills which can eat away stomach lining, idk if he is taking asprin but probably, thank you for the advice. +rep
  8. ^this... I would rep you but it appears i must spread the wealth around before I can get back to you, little agrivating considering I only rep on very helpful posts such as this
  9. We are stoners, not doctors, go to the hospital man, this could be seriouse.

    What I would do in your situation: Drag hiss ass to the nearest emergency room.
  10. Time for the guilt trip IMO.

    Tell him to stop being selfish. There are other people who care about him, and he's hurting them by not getting medical help when he clearly needs it.

    Don't do it harshly, just make it clear that it's not only affecting him.
  11. hey mate doesnt sound to good. See if he can get a recommendation for a prescription from a doctor for pot.

    But yeah seriously you dad really should go to the hospital. My next smoke goes out to your dad man.

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