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  1. Ok guys and gals , my little garden is looking rough . The buds seem ok for now but the leaves are taking a shit kicking . All burnt and blistered . My lights are high enough and temps around 25c. Do you guys think I can save this ? Please help me GrassCity, your my only hope ;)

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  2. your plants look like they are nearly ready to harvest ,,,thnk yo have been feeding a bit to much ,,but as ive said they have only a short time to go ,so just give water for a week to so plant can use up any feed left then give a final flush , for a few days and plants should be ready to harvest ,mac,,
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  3. I've gotta say there is a "K" deficiency, but those "curling leaf tip's" are throwing me off a definite 100% answer!!

    Everything look's like K, but those curling tips??? Why???
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  4. think i agree with ya Digga about the K deficiency ,,,,but i reckon as its nearly ready to harvest very soon myself id just give water to the plant and maybe flush in a week or so ,,,mac,,
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  5. Hey guys ! Thanks for the input ! I’m in the process of just ph water now and I’ll flush with Dutch nutrients Clear in the coming watering . Again thanks for the input ! Do You guys think this is gonna affect harvest much ? I think it’s probably too late to try and address the problem , thoughts ?
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  6. maybe yeild will be down a bit but not much and in the week 10 days while you flush the plant will still grow a little bit and the trichomes will ripen as well ..mac..
  7. Thanks for the tips mac! This is my first grow , so the learning curve is steep right now lol Rome wasn’t built in a day right ;) Thanks again pal!
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  8. thanks mate ..once you get a couple of grows in and smoked your own grown weed you wont look back ..i get plants that ive messed up many times ,but you get to know the plants and how they grow etc ,,,theres plenty journals on this site ,good people here will always help you ,i find a lot of info as well at
    that as helped me lots of times ,,mac,
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