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    alright so im about to start my first grow and im stoked to see what kinda buds i can get going. it has to be very stealthy. im gonna grow one plant in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 4 box. problem is that i cant have any wires going to it. i saw some flourescent tubes at home depot that were battery operated. however they are only 8 watts!. is this strong enuff? or will i need to get like 4 of em? Thanks for any help ya have! any tips are welcome
  2. battery opperated lights are almost useless when you try to grow with them. the batteries will run out after like a day, and the rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant. check out kamels cfl guide.
  3. if i install refelctive surfaces does the 100 watt per plant rule still apply?
  4. yes, you need a certain amount of lumens for your plant, your best off getting cfl's for your situation, use them is your stealthy box it will work great, cfls should be 3-6"s away from the plants, how many do u have growing?

    battery lights for growing weed is like putting water in a gas tank- no good mix

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