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    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this website and came here in search of different peoples perspectives and help when needed. Today I got chopped as fuck before school. (I am a senior in high school. 18 also). I was running late, so I went to the attendance office and the attendance lady "smelled" me and told our school police officer as well as the Dean. They interrogated me and searched me only to find a lighter. I normally don't park on school property but today I did because I was running late and didn't realize I had bud in there. Like 1-2 gs. Anyways the police officer searched my car and found the bud. I remained silent and he gave me a citation for "possession of marijuana," but on the paper it does not say whether it is a misdemeanor or infraction. My court day is 2 months from now and I have no idea what to do, nor does my mother. I'm banking on pleading guilty and accepting the charge, but could the charge be serious? Will I face any jail time? I am from Indiana and our laws are pretty strict. I have a full ride to a local college and do not want to lose it due to this one incident. I have never been caught before and have a lot going for me and I would not like one stupid decision to ruin my life. Any help is appreciated.

    TL;DR- I turned 18 a few months ago. I got caught with 2 gs of marijuana in the school parking lot and have a "possession of marijuana" citation, but it did not state whether it was a misdemeanor or an infraction. All I have is a court date. Could I face serious charges for this offense? Is it possible to get it removed from my record?

    *EDIT*: Went to court yesterday. Got off with no probation, no fines, no community service, no tests. All I have to do is not get in trouble for 1 year and my record will be wiped clean.
  2. Lol. They wont do anything. Its only 2gs, thats literally nothing.

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  3. Nobody can tell you what's going to happen its different everywhere. Where I live 2 grams in school property and you're screwed. Ruin your life....hell no
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  4. Thank you for your responses. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe the judge is secretly a stoner
  5. A good lawyer can get it dropped down to court supervision or civil disobedience if anything. Might cost ya though.

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  6. It depends on where you live.

    They could possibly charge you with something extra considering it was on school grounds.

    I would check about the various laws in your state.

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  7. Yeah here around me you can't even have cigs on a school property even if you're 18, smokers would park a bit down the road lol.
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  8. Like an earlier poster said.."Hire a lawyer"
    It'll cost you a few bucks, but could help keep this off your lifelong record...
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  9. I checked and it says that any possession in my state is a misdemeanor, with 180 days of incarceration and up to $1,000 fine. But it also says that a first offense could be under conditional discharge. I will probably end up getting a court appointed lawyer (because I don't have a lot money) and see what he/she thinks.
  10. Don't forget that "court appointed" lawyers work for the same entity that's prosecuting you....
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  11. It's going to be on your record and where I live it's a class A Mis. since it was on school grounds. The appointed lawyer is going to tell you to plead guilty...because what else can you do?
    Wait till after school to smoke assuming you don't get probation for a year or some shit
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  12. That's true, but one of my buddies caught a case with a gun charge and had possession of marijuana and he got 4 months on parole/probation and served 2 months in a juvenile detention center. I understand that this may be a lighter cause because he was under 18, but he also got a court appointed lawyer. I asked him what he thought and he basically told me the same stuff as you guys. There is no way of beating the case, so I might as well get an attorney to try to get me the lowest charge possible.
  13. You might qualify for a diversion program.

    Basically you plead guilty, complete the court ordered program (rehab, fines, community service, probation etc etc) and then after a certain time, it's removed from your record.

    This is something you need to bring up to your lawyer, whether court appointed or someone you choose.

    Lawyers are fucking expensive man, so choose wisely. is a good website to help you choose one if you're looking to go that way.

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  14. Go to the court it says to go to on the citation earlier on a random day and sit in the front row. Wait until the end. When the d.a/presecuter has talked to everyone on the list and by now is wondering who you are and why are you there. Approach the da and ask them their permission to speak with them for a few mins.
    Exibit as much respect you can
    Explain to them that you are starting school in the fall and would like to resolve the ticket asap. Worse case scenirio you will get deferred/probatio . Best case she will aprechate you accepting responsibility and your aserveness and dismiss the ticket when you show up for your court date.
    Most successful deals are worked out outside the court room
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    Its pretty funny, nobody knows where you live, how cannabis possession is handled where you live, but they know what's going to nobody knows crap bro. Speak to an attorney. Unfortunely I made alot of mistakes when I was younger all over the US, things are handled differently everywhere. What might be a petty offense in 1 jurisdiction, may be a significantly higher charge elsewhere. No single person on here has any idea whats going to happen to you.
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  16. All federal grant money for college comes with a Question. Have you ever been convicted on a drug charge.
    You need a lawyer, you are 18 years old with drugs on school property.
  17. For anyone wondering, I'm from southern Indiana. We have more of a meth problem than any other drug, but I'm sure they won't take this offense lightly. My counselor told me that it is possible to be removed, but didn't say how. I personally know the prosecutor, in one if my classes I interviewed him... So this is either a good thing or bad thing
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  18. He also goes to the same church as I go to. Maybe there is some hope :/
  19. Maybe this picture of the citation will help too? Screenshot_20160319-122445.png
  20. I think he may got Texas you get arrested for pom. Then you take deferered and the charge is dismissed. Meanwhile the arrest will always showup on your record.
    They never tell you in court this is what happens. Even the fancy expensive lawyer I paid for for a pom charge I faced
    He got a summons to appear in that the same as being arreated in indiana?

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