Need interior designer's ideas for my room

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  2. I recommend getting some color in there. But a brighter color so it makes your room look bigger.
  3. I got some paint, just havent gotten around to doing it. But im getting a light grayish blue for the walls and a darkish forrest green do\\for the trim. getting a ceiling fan and new wall outlets. and some gray carpet
  4. To save space for cooler stuff, I'd go with the t.v. mounted on the wall. Actually, *I* would skip the t.v. altogether. Just gimme my computer, and shelves full of books, and I'm a happy bitch. :D
  5. i need my tv haha.

    any ideas where to move everything to?
  6. Mount the mirror, and get a washing basket, maybe mount the TV and get some storage where the TV stand is for your stuff but not storage that would stick out too much, if your room is big enough, I got the "entertainment centre" from IKEA and it's badass, room for TV plus storage room.

    p.s. I'm not a interior designer.
  7. This doesn't even call for an interior designer.

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