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    Didnt really know where to go in order to get advice from more experienced growers so I made an account hoping to gain some insight in what I might be doing wrong.

    I have 3 plants currently, one is looking healthy at the moment and growing at a normal pace. The two others aren’t. As pictured they are not as big, grow pace has slowed a bit along with the leaves curling down.
    I’ve grown them in a sunroom so technically outdoor and to try to keep close to an 18/6 on/off schedule I put them under an LED grow lamp once the sun goes down from about 7:30 to 11:30. Lamp doesn’t have much wattage (20w) but it’s what I have for now until I get a bigger one. They are in Foxfarm Strawberry fields soil and I have General Organics BioThrive nutrients. I have not given the fertilizer as they are about 3 weeks in. I have been watering with distilled water and checked the pH of the water and kept it in the 6.3-6.9 range. Currently it’s at 6.9 which I know is higher than I would like. I have tried to be careful with overwatering and I have a soil moisture meter. I water 2 days a little in the morning and at night and then no water on every 3rd day.

    Is there anything you guys would change or anything I am doing wrong? Thanks for your time

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  2. It looks like those leaves are clawing up identically to the way that Nitrogen toxic plant's leaves claw up. I'm guessing the soil is a bit heavy on nutes, especially if for part of it's lights on cycle it is recieving very weak light, as N needs light to be used up by the plant. If not, the N accumulates in the leaf, producing dark green and clawing up like you're seeing. I'd also be careful using distilled, it has no ppm's and will basically mend to whatever ph the soil is.
  3. What water would you recommend? My tap is a bit high pH wise. I wonder why my 3rd plant is unaffected. Should I just up the watts and not give any fertilizer?

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