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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Grizzly Graham, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I was on amazon and saw they were selling the NO2 vapor on there for 90. Or do you think I should spend some more money and get a arizer eq or da buddha ?
  2. Do ur research... people are bias on this site... no2 is gash bag best off getting a real vape... i researched for months and i ended up with a eq.... which i foooking love its like a second child.
    It was either tht or a da buddha.... but im glad i made my choice beccause now i have a method of delivery to suit everyone.... i reckon without ever using a da buddha it prob better for tthe younguns becasue of the thick whip hits...

    I dunoo but eq r cheap quality and highly rated by all...

    Choose your weapon carfully
  3. I bought my N02 last year in Grand Rapids Michigan, and paid 200 dollars for it. If you can find a new one for 90, grab it up. The drawbacks are few, and include the following: The "bowl" is not very large. The battery is not up to snuff at all. If you get one, I would recommend buying an extra one. The screens are not sold (at least not at the places I've checked anyway) at the shops that sell the vaporizor, and they seem to have trouble getting them in when they (say that) they have ordered them especially for you. So short ofbuying the screens from the manufacturer, I began making my own out of regular screens. All in all though, a very nice PERSONAL USE (again, I capped PERSONAL USE because the "bowl" is so small) vaporizor, but not very practical to use in a party-type situation. Peace and grow easy.
  4. DBV is a champ, love it.. quick to heat, awesome setup.. the only problem is sometimes the glass tube falls out accidentally
  5. Please buy a Da Buddha out of those choices. It is a truly excellent vaporizer for the relatively low price you pay.
  6. I agree with the above posters - DBV just kicks ass, especially for the price. Its the best whip vape on the market imo, and likely to be one of the better purchases you'll make.

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