Need input on this... im freaking out

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  1. Whatever the case, you better enjoy those condoms.
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    Don't worry about it. I have a family member that works as an LP (loss prevention) manager for Wal-Mart.
    Wal-Mart is funny about things... They, honestly, don't waste their time on people that get away.

    If something is under 20 dollars, they don't even prosecute people.[unless a person keeps doing it.] If the person is under 16, they can't prosecute them. That may be different where you are from[the under 16 thing] [the 20 dollar thing is a corporate rule]...

    Wal-Mart LPs can not get out of 6foot from the doors. After that, it's pointless because if the person has a gun or a weapon, wal-mart doesn't cover you getting hurt or whatever. So, an LP person, in their right mind, wouldn't risk their life for Wal-Mart... unless they covered that... But they don't so the person really doesn't even risk it.

    Wal-Mart does have the power to kick people out and never let them come back to their store. Half of the time they don't keep up with it, though...

    But, over-all, believe it or not, there is WAYYYY more internal thefts going on at Wal-Mart costing them the most in losses.

    I'm not saying go to wal-mart and steal stuff, btw.

    You can pack your pockets full of goods inside of wal-mart and the LP people can't say anything to you. All they can do is watch you and make sure you pay for it. So if you ever get caught putting anything in your pocket, just say you were going to pay for it or whatever.

    No worries, blade. Wal-Mart lets things go like that. Even if they got a vid of you, they can't print it out and post it anywhere in the store. They don't have proof you took anything - I bet the guy that chased you was dressed normally? If it was the door greater, you have nothing to worry about anyway. But if it was an LP guy, he has no proof you took anything. All you have to do is say the person in the vid isn't you - even, that, you wont have to do... It's done with now - that wasn't you in there.

    Hope it helped, blade. One love.
  3. alright thanks everyone

    Haven't heard anything from them yet.
  4. you're freakin out way too much.
    nothing is probably going to happen. everyone steals from walmart.
    unless you got caught red handed by a mystery shopper.. you're fine.
    the best thing to do is just walk away after a beeping.. not run.
    and go through the doors the same time as someone with a cartful.
  5. Yeah your stupid, sorry man i'm just being real, no cop is buying that story either. Why would you run?
  6. LOL so you stole a box of condoms you could've paid for?...*scratches head*

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