Need input on this... im freaking out

Discussion in 'General' started by yota420, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Ok i was at walmart and stupid me shoved a box of condoms in my pocket without even thinking about it... i paid for the rest of my shit. Anyways the beeper went off (i thought that was only for clothes and electronics) and the guy stopped me and i ran to my truck and left. I don't htink he got my license plate number... i really doubt he did anyways. I know i am on camera though and i used my check card checking out. Do you think they will get the video and call the cops? Im freaking out ill get a summons to court in the mail or some shit... my parents would kill me.
    Im fucking stupid.
  2. Hope for the best, expect the worst.
  3. jeez, ya shouldve just paid for the damn things
    i doubt they will do anything about it. proly too much work involved.

  4. I wouldn't be too sure about that. Maybe he gets lucky and nothing happens but I'd say there's a pretty good chance the cops come knocking, especially since he used a check card which would be seemingly easy to trace. Plus he could have been stealing something expensive for all they know, so it probably would be worth it for them to check out, I would imagine.
  5. I don't know what will really happen . . . keep us posted though.
  6. i use to work loss prevention and they cant really do anything as they didnt catch you doing anything. yea they might have you on tape paying but they dont have you on tape stealing it. or you better hope not lol

    law says they must stop you right then and there. once your off their property they cant do much but tell the cops and im sure they wont do anything. so your good.

    just dont go back for a year lol
  7. yeah man shoulda just paid and said that you forgot about them. you put them in there because you diddnt wanna carry em through the store. they probably woulda understood.

    id go back there and say that you took them and pay for them. they can check the cameras and see that you stole condoms. honesty is the best policy

    EDIT: i do steal shit frequently idk.

  8. go back??? never do that. they cant do anything to him off the property. they are loss prevention only , not the FBI lol
  9. I'm curious why you ran? If anything happens, it would likely be because of that. They dont know what you stole, and you running just implies you are at fault. Still though, they wont bother you, your check card doesnt have a picture on it, does it?
  10. i panicked...
  11. Okay..

    1) Don't go back (especially dont go back and admit to stealing. i'm assuming youre over 18. this isn't candyland. they arent gonna give you a treat for telling the truth.. plus you were stealing condoms- the damn things are overpriced..)

    2) Don't run next time
  12. Yeah man if you used a credit card and ran youre pretty fucked thats really easy to trace...

    I mean they have your face and evidence of you doing it all on camera AND your credit card number.

    You better hope they dont try to press charges or anything for a simple box of condoms... or you could very well have the police showing up at your house soon
  13. cops cant do shit, what proof? they can question you but they aint got shit on you

    edit: unless ur on camera stealing the condoms, then idk u might be fucked
  14. wal-mart sux. they prolly will because of it.
  15. I saw that. But im a little worried about it because i ran. So lets say they get me on camera and pull my info from my check card, and realize that it was just a box of condoms (the loss prevention guy didnt know what i stole). So when they realize it was under 25, they won't do anything?
  16. you are so busted,,,,,and all over a pack of condoms,,,,,


  17. If it was an honest mistake, you should have just stopped and explained the situation; I seriously doubt that they would bust your balls over a pack of condoms. My advice: smoke up and forget about it, and don't go to that Wal-Mart for awhile.
  18. They're probably not going to take all that time just to arrest you, they can't do it once you're off the property even if they do have it on camera.

    Never know though, you could get really really unlucky or something.
  19. you might need those condoms where you're going boy

    i really dont think they're gonna do shit

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