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need input guys

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by edwardvanhalen, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. ok i heard the white rhino strain has the highest thc content , so does this make it the best seed to buy or what would you guys recommend , i just wanna get a strain that will make me high in a couple hits or even one maybe , thanks
  2. Not quite sure if it has the HIGHEST THC content, but i know if grown properly, you WILL get ripped off of a very little amount, of course smoking method plays a role in this.

    But i've heard and read numerous times white rhino is the supercharged version of white widow, if the seeds are legit white rhino, buy em! Make sure you grow them nicely though:hello:
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    It's not going to come down to just the seeds. It depends on many factors such as lighting conditions, growing conditions, nutrients used, the process in which you go about vegging/flowering/harvesting also are all huge parts to how good your bud turn out.

    I've had friends that have invested in great growing equipment and nutes and great seeds but didn't grow that good of herb because of lack of experience. Just a few years ago my best friend grew some weed in the woods behind his house, no expensive nutes, seeds from mid grade herb, and the product was amazing.

    Not saying that high quality seeds, nutes, and equipment won't help, but I would say that 50%+ of the quality is going to come down to how much growing experience you have, while the rest will depend on things like strains used, grow op setup, etc..

    Hope this makes some sense. There's a great grow section here on the City that you can learn a lot from. I've actually learned anything and everything I know about growing from the City and the great growers on here who will gladly help you out (checkout threads from guys like Augustwest, his grow journals always seem to be very informative, also sUpA nOvA D9 has a nice outdoor grow going as well you could learn a lot from.)

    If you are interested in growing some good smoke and have an appropriate place to do so, I would recommend doing some research into growing, and than decide on what kind of a budget you are working with to decide what you can and cannot do with a grow. Best of luck!
  4. hey oldclassic thanks man
    would you get white rhino from nirvana seeds, or greenhouse seeds??
  5. yeah that makes sense justyn , i pretty much know what i am doing now i have done a lot of research on many sites plus this one.
    i dont have the best growroom but its all i can do right now but my plant has grown big and strong , and the other is also growing really good ,
    if you guys want some pics let me know
  6. Sadly i've never grown yet, but my buddie purchased a few seeds just recently from greenhouse, and everything went good so I'd put my money on them.

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