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Need Info/Input on R.S.O.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Old School Farmer, Apr 1, 2023.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm new here.
    I was recently diagnosed with (early stage) Esophageal Cancer.
    It's the slow growing kind, and it'll be a while until I even meet with the Oncologist.
    But, I had started some all natural cancer fighting steps even before the biopsy results came back.
    One of the things I'm very encouraged about is the Cannabis Oil.
    It's almost as if the Govt. & Big Pharma have been trying to keep this off the market so people are left with Chemo, etc., that doesn't work, but Phizer comes out swell ($).
    If anyone has SPECIFIC knowledge about treating cancer with R.S.O., I'd love to hear about it.
    Not here to argue, debate, etc. Just want to learn more.

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  2. @Storm Crow would be the best one to ask about that.
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  3. a bit of what I've gathered ... our endocannabinoid system is our main cancer defense system in cells ... the system works based on lipid signaling the cells .. know as cannabinoid signaling or cannabinoid messages ..
    quick catch up - we found ECS while doing THC research in to a porcine brain , predicted random distribution of THC but found very precise receptors in cells .. so coined them cannabinoid ( cannabis etc...) and named the compounds in cannabis plant the same thing ... plants are exocannabinoids or phytocannabinoids and the ones we make are endocannabinoids.
    so with that we found an entirely unknown physiological system in all chordate life ( creatures with spinal columns) ..
    so why I claim ECS as a cancer defense is how cells use cannabinoids to cleanly and effectively kill cancer cells withoput toxicity such as with chem o treatments that spill the cancerous cells guts into the surrounding space and make the entire organism toxic ... the cannabinoid pathways in cells serve to eliminate those cancerous cells without making the rest of the organism suffer .

    a real life example to show this - Israel are world leaders in the cannabinoid sciences ... they are using full extract cannabis oil for treating infants with inoperable brain cancers and life threatening seizures an brain damage , trauma etc.... for Years now Successfully. For many of the cases the chemo is used for the cancer then immediately following that the cannabis oil is administered and as Israel are leaders in the cannabinoid science they can prove with real life experience and also Biochemistry that those types of lipids rebuild cells that are destroyed from the chemo !!

    if Storm can come through here she can direct you too .. but also check out some of the tutorials here showing how to make effective meds from cannabis and the myriad of different approaches that suits your life style etc...

    I'll leave with one DuckDuckgo link for you to peruse if you feel the urge ( Hope this Helps you And Deep life affirming Blessings in your Soul !) ... there are so many research examples and links b- Human Endocannabinoid System as a cancer defense system
    Human Endocannabinoid System as a cancer defense system at DuckDuckGo
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  4. Thanks so much!
    I'm taking all this in.
    I have quite a regiment already - several things.
    I got some Essiac (herbal capsules from Canada)
    I taking Lipismal Vitamin C
    A Cellular Nutrition Product
    Some RSO I got from the local dispensary
    I also ordered some RSO suppositories that are supposed to really permeate the body better without as much of the effects (buzz/dry mouth, etc.).
    I can do that at night before bed time, as I have to work during the day.
    I, personally, would not consider Chemo as a treatment option, but that's just me.


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  5. #5 Galaxy420, Apr 3, 2023
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2023
    great, looks you have it worked out well to start ...
    want to mention too - Cannabimimetics ... these are cannabis type compounds in everyday food that serves to activate, deactivate endocannabinoid system tone .. the tone of ECS is determined by what lipids and compounds from diet that are being ingested and moved through the System ... Omega six is pro inflammatory , omega three is anti inflammatory ... Omega six forms into endocannabinoids and they are pro inflammatory forms ... Omega three forms into anti inflammatory endocannabinoids !

    Why I mention omega fatty acids is that our cells accumulate them from diet to form endocananbinoids with . Cells can only make C-11 then sequester the rest of that lipid substrate from the cells' bi-layer to fully form C-22 Endocannabinoids ( n arachidonoylethanolamine / 2 arachidonoylGlycerol ) .. the long straight chain poly unsaturated fatty acids ( PUFAs ) are the base pre cursor forms that cells use for making endocannabinoids . I'll leave a direct link for this one as its so important and connecting cannabis' to all that is quite amazing . here is the link to show how
    anti inflammatory W-3 endocannabinoid epoxides

    so why that is so important .. in a cancerous state the cells use up all Arachidonic acid reserves which are based on the lipids in the diet ... so cells with a lack of signaling capability go dormant and cannainoid pathways dry up, lack function , incapable of signaling etc.... that is what leads us into a diseased state

    here is cannabis' special place in all that ... phytocannabinoids are free flow / Free from cannabinoids ... meaning already structured , already formed to metabolize directly without our cells needing to displace as much phospholipids from the bi-layers to form the cannabinoid messages .
    Cannabis tends to help best when the persons eCS tone is low and needing a direct impact ... the phytocannabinoids are non selective lipid metabolites so incapable of selection , incapable of being harmful really and they metabolize as anti infalmmatory similar to omega three ... our cells will take them in depending on the need in each cell ...
    so to recap and a quick scope of ECS. Arachidonic acid reserves in cells get used up in a cancerous existance and adding more of those types of signaling lipids from the diet makes all of that work better .. it's one of the reasons essential fatty acids are essential , because we cannot make enough signaling in cells to manage and Thwart disease without them in circulation etc...
    quick scope ... ECS consists of all metabolically active tissue cells .
    Predicted that 70 trillion cells make up ECS in total.
    Each cell part of that signals around 15,000 cannabinoids a second per cell ( WHOAH!!)
    so add up 70 trillion times 15 K a second PER and you an idea and scope of the large complexity in our cells and how adding exogenous lipids that help that all work is so vitally important ...
    Wall uh text here , hope it suites your curious mind and helps you fill in any blanks that may be missing and most importantly leads you into some type of positive direction ... Take care , blessing and peace and life Most of all

    Edit - Cannabimimetic PDF link too -–an-evolutionary-link-to-food-selection-andmetabolic-stress-adaptation-Gertsch-Medical-Cannabis-Medical-Research-for-the-Endocannabinoid-System-ECS.pdf
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  6. Hey just read your post! Good luck! Your doing everything you can! I cant remember where i learnt it from but long story short depending on location of cancer you want to treat either orally or suppositories, (anything above the liver orally, anything below suppositories) because you mentioned its esophageal you want to maybe try infusing your rso into drinks? And drinking it? If the RSO is too strong for you you want to use also over the counter CBD oil you tend to get the "side affects" when its not a 1:1 ratio.
    Keep up the good fight your doing awesome!!!

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  7. Thank you all for the amazing responses! I'm doing all I can before the PET scan on Tuesday. Going with just the chemo/radiation route is not something I'm interested in. At least for now.
    Suprisingly enough, since starting the rso suppositories 5 weeks ago, I'm now swallowing better and am having steak on the grill tonight! What else would cause this? I'm hoping it's all I'm doing. I'll find out what the results are May 4th and how far this has spread. Prayers and natural healing for all!!
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  8. with the cannabinoid science we can only observe the lipids rearranging our cells and making them work better basically ... when finding that cannabis is medical I've asked thousands of people just randomly how its harmful, why all the hate ???? Zero reasoning at all , just because people feel hate is all that is needed to further hate.
    anyway, activating your cells with illegal compounds is where we are at today in time .. the authorities trying to block people from that very act is so SAD and Evil ... keep turning to nature not the political scene for the help you need
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