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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by newbieinTexas, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. I have several plants, I know one is a male and think the others are female. I have been pinching leaves here and there and pinching off the older yellow leaves and saving and drying them all together. I have been told that the leaves from a male plant are no good to smoke is this true? And if so why?? I also have been told that the yellow leaves are just older leaves is this true? I have been saving and drying them all well. Are all of these going to be OK for use? I have moved my male plant way away from my females as I want to keep it for the seed---as the seed it came from was really good stuff. Will the seeds from this male plant be as good as the stuff I got it out off? I only have 3 seeds from that batch left and want to keep them for next year to grow. How to store the old seeds---and how do I harvest and keep the seeds that I anticipate from the male plant that I have. The plant now has flowers and some 'balls' on it. And my females are starting to bud. Help from as many people as I can get that read this please been told many different things. Why not keep male leaves....really no good to enjoy? I need advice first time growing 25 years enjoying!!
  2. alot to answer! let me have your e-mail address and i will mail you a growing guide ok
    good luck
  3. ok you can smoke the male plant but it has alot less thc and you may get a killer headach. I would save all the parts from the male and extract the thc and make some hash foods. and to store your seeds just rap them in saran rap and they should be fine for next year.

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