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Need ideas on how to reflect light

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ManOfTheYear, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. So my room is a plain white walled 3rd bedroom.. Have a closet for veg and in the room itself i have an old pool table that i drilled holes in the bottom of and lined with plastic to prevent water from pooling. over the plastic i have my pots ontop of soda crates turned upside down ( the plastic crates they haul soda in if u dont know what i mean there about 3x3 and 6 inches deep. I have a 400W HPS hanging above the plants and 4 CFLs clipped to unused pots around them to get another light spectrum in the mix. have a fan in seperate corners giving a breeze and keeping temps right......
    Now the issue is i have about 3- 3 and a half foot of space on all sides of the table is there something i could buy/build to go around this and still allow fan/fans to hit plants? Would like to not get to crazy expensive but money is not a huge issue. Would like to find a way to put up mylar would it be worth putting on the walls with all that space between light and the walls?

  2. Why not move the pool table up against one of the corners and line those walls? Maybe a photo of your room would help us give you ideas.
  3. Take it one step further and build a few walls containing it?
    thats kinda sorta what I did in my room. just built a wall where I needed it. But its a task and its expensive and could cause heat build up under his lamp and would require better ventilation. Which I could see costing more dollars for our OP.
    But yeah building a self contained space really is the best imo once you have good ventilation equipment. But if you do build a wall...make sure its easy to move for expansion  :yummy: 
  5. My favorite is flat white matt paint, but if you got space get some of those polystyrene panels same size as a door
  6. Try some reflectix (I think I spelled it right) its some what reflective. A large roll is about fifty dollars.

    But for the sake of maximizing space and allowing your white walls to reflect as much as possible. Why not move everything up against the furthest point in the room. Then make a curtain out of panda film, this way the area used is less. Since the lights will be closest to the walls I imagine it will reflect better.

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