Need ideas for rubbermaid grow box

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by austyn12, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Okay so im using a rubbermaid as a grow box. Im trying save as munch as can without cutting back . Will painting it in white work for reflecting ? Also is 130 good enough for 6 plants?

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  2. Forgot to say im going to do a micro grow so only vegging for around 2 weeks in backyard Then im flowering them.

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  3. Painting works. Why grow them in a plastic tub at all?
  4. Low on money atm . Trying to save 50$ a m ounth so can make a nice wardrobe one .

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    If you are looking for a cabinet look at the second hand stores.
    We are frugal with money and get some good deals, beside its recycling too.
    Craigslist too. in the freebies.
  6. Yeah I always look on cragslist. I got a cabinet Im just not sure how to put the door back on its one of thoes open drawr ones.

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  7. My advice dont do it LMFAO. your yield wont even be worth your power bills let alone the effort and attention to grow the plants alone. Then there is the fire hazard with a HPS light inside a plastic container. And if your not using HPS and going CFL then your Losing even more yield for your $. Micro grows (Unless your SoG / Hydro) arnt worth the money. i can grow 1 plant in a 2 x 2 x 4 space that pulls a Q/P where youll grow 6 plants and not even get an ounce. 
  8. .

    Do u show a grow of yours? Interested in your technique because I'm interested in one plant at a time and maximizing yields
  9. I have a thread about my DIY box in my signature there isnt anying since i switched over to HPS. I can do another journal when i change strands. 
    boom. Enjoy.
  11. Those are some adorable little buds. What do you guys think an OZ out of there maybe to be generous? Hps a rubbermaid is a bad plan btw. Hps needs some room to breathe, the plant also needs to be inches from the light 18-24 in so you could maybe have a two three in grow in there haha. But really though micro grows are not really cost effective but if you are trying to teach yourself to grow and think of it that way than its priceless. You still have to think about all the normal problems, air movement, heat lighting, soil or soiless/hydro mediums, nutes management. Since its on a small scale you need to learn plant training and it will help you get the feel and fever of a real grow room. Great teaching oil, just don't expect it to provide all your smoke or you will be bumming.

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